Y2K's Beginners Guide to Safe Survival V2

Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by M1135, May 10, 2020.


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  1. M1135

    M1135 Veteran

    Seeing as my old beginners guide is not completely useless because of the map reset here is a new one!

    First off welcome to Safe Survival I hope you have a great time playing on this server if you are new this is a good beginners guide and will cover many things to help you enjoy your experience on Safe Survival

    I would also like to point out there is no tpa commands! when starting out you are able to get a 1 time tp to a friend however

    This is a simple list of things I will cover
    - Rules
    - Voting
    - Utilizing your first vote
    - Common Word Abbreviations

    - Gaining Wealth
    - Trading
    - Claiming Land
    - Rares

    - Extra


    Upon Joining do /rules and /rules 2 to read over the rules
    or click this link to the rules thread

    Upon joining you will have the rank Steve the first thing you should do is vote! vote! vote!
    Voting will give you diamonds rank you up give you a sethome and more below
    Daily Votes -
    Includes -
    * 2 Diamonds * 3 Emeralds * 12 XP Bottles * 6 XP Levels
    Recruit - 1 vote
    Includes -
    * 2 Sethomes Total * 300 Claim Blocks * 10 XP Levels * 2 Diamonds * Access to Warps Building

    Member - 12 votes
    Includes -
    * 4 Sethomes Total * 300 Claim Blocks * 10 XP Levels * 2 Diamonds * Member Sword - Iron Sword (Sharpness II)

    Regular - 36 votes
    Includes -

    * 5 Sethomes Total * 300 Claim Blocks * 10 XP Levels * 4 Diamonds * 6 Slime Balls * 32 Steak * 1 Saddle

    Remember too vote often to get these rewards! vote on all links for maximum prizes!
    Too see the full extent of all vote ranks join the discord

    Utilizing your first vote
    Now you just voted now what do you exactly do with the items you may ask? well you have four diamonds first instinct may be to craft a shovel and pickaxe but no! Here is what you should probably do!

    Craft A Diamond Pickaxe you will have one Diamond remaining now what you may ask? Go to the desert warp in the warp room at /spawn. From spawning in turn right and head inside the massive quartz building. If you are having trouble finding it just ask where blah's enchant book shop is.

    Once you are there you can turn your diamond in for 2 "Enchant Coupons" With those coupons I recommend you get an efficiency 5 and mending book. now what? you have books but no xp? execute the /spawn command to head back to spawn go to the warp room where you went to the desert warp, but this time go to the Mob Farm once at the mobfarm you can grind various mobs for xp! so you can enchant your diamond pickaxe! Once you enchant your diamond pickaxe you can be on your way to getting more diamonds!

    Common Word Abbreviations
    Now you may not immediatly understand some abbreviations used in chat so these are some common ones

    DB - Diamond Block
    GB - Gold Block
    EB - Emerald Block
    IB - Iron Block
    SS - Safe Survival
    RTP - Random Teleport

    Gaining Wealth My Guide
    The currency on SS is diamonds the first thing you should know are the exchange rates

    1 diamond = 4 IB
    1 DB = 24EB or slightly more
    2 GB = 1 diamond (Usually not always)

    If you followed my steps from utilizing your first vote gaining wealth will be much much easier! This is how I get my diamonds currently a great way to get diamonds for beginners is mining. Click the random warp button you will spawn somewhere randomly if in a suitable area mine straight down to y 11 and start mining using whatever method you prefer. Now keep mining till you find a vein of diamonds!
    Once you get to the vein you may want to mine it all but don't! if you can set a home at the diamond vein mine one diamond use that diamond to buy efficiency and fortune 3 from blah's book shop than once you add fortune 3 mine the rest of the diamonds!

    Usually once I have my grounds set I like to start a villager farm for trading and iron etc. remember when creating farms keep the rules in mind

    Trading with players takes place in the trading rooms at spawn!

    Claiming land
    You spawn in with a golden shovel. To select the claim you want to make go to one corner of your claim and right click with your shovel than go to the other corner and right click again. more info can be acquired at the information area at spawn which is beneath the billy shops at spawn.

    Rares are items like a stick or a compass that give certain bonuses when in your offhand or regular hand you can obtain these from other players donations or voting

    Remember! do not throw them out! they are called "rares" for a reason not everyone has them

    This is some extra important information you should know before getting started

    Rubies - Rubies can be used as currency in some events and to buy heads from billy's at spawn and starbucks billy!

    Xp Bottles - Before you go throwing xp bottles at your feat remember you can use them for trading for spawn eggs and rubies

    Donations - In game to /donate if you want to donate it can help the server and give you some perks.
    This is my beginners guide if you have suggestions to add I will do so I will add more info as a I think of it :) hope you enjoy your time on safe survival

    other useful Links
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  2. Panda

    Panda Veteran

    Just a few amendments: The iron price is most commonly 1 dia - 3 IB. Finding 1:4 is pretty rare right now. Also, add rtp to the common abbreviations. I routinely see new guys asking what rtp is. Great guide overall :)
  3. Stakar

    Stakar Veteran

    FOR NEW PLAYERS: if you want a beacon, current price is 4db. emerald is the best beacon material. wish I had learned that sooner lol

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