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    Hello and welcome to my Guide to Safe Survival this will show you some things you need to get started. I recommend you vote daily on all 3 links for extra diamonds Hold on tight because this is going to be very in depth

    Let's start out with some Common Terms and Items you will hear of and may not know what they do

    Common Phrases
    DB = Diamond Block
    GB = Gold Block
    IB = Iron Block
    EB = Emerald Block

    Common Super Items that you may see
    A Enchanted Compass AKA Super Compass - This item when held gives you a speed boost of + 0.1
    A Walking stick = When held gives you a speed boost of + 0.05.

    Now we will get on to the basics of the server

    When you spawn for the first time on safe survival you will see a set of stone tools a golden shovel (CLAIMING SHOVEL) and 2 books I suggest you read both books very carefully! The rules are complex and doing /rules isn't gonna cut it.

    You will want to vote because you can get some cool rewards and ranks. When you first join you are steve Rank upon Voting you get a rank Called Recruit! Here are some of the Voting Ranks and there perks

    1 Vote Recruit - 2 Set homes, 300 Claim Blocks for the (Golden Shovel explained below), 10 XP Levels, 2 Diamonds, and Access to Warps

    12 Votes
    Member - 4 set homes, 300 claim blocks, 10 XP levels, 2 diamonds and (The Probably non existent member sword Trust me no one knows).

    36 Votes
    Regular - 5 set homes, 300 claim blocks, 10 XP levels, 4 diamonds, 6 Slime Balls, 32 Steak, and 1 saddle (Which is very real :D)

    Xp Bottles
    STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Before you splash those XP Bottles at your feet just don't and read this. You need XP Bottles for trades at spawn such as spawn eggs and ruby's. Save them up. I suggest you vote every day so you can stack these up and use them when you need them.

    Supporting the Server

    the server needs money to run if you are interested in supporting the server you can by clicking the link to there shop below or ingame type /donate in chat you get perks for having ranks!

    Upon joining the server you get a golden shovel that will be your claiming shovel to use it you need to claim to opposite corners of an area. to claim you need to get out of spawn. First you need to vote! NEED it is a very good thing if you don't like walking like 10k blocks to get a claim. anway. you will spawn and see a teleportation on your left that says warps you will click it and go to the middle after you warp. The button is a random tp button that randomly TP's you throughout the world. I recommend setting up shop in a mountainous area with trees to start than you can live basically anywhere

    Conversion Rates
    These are the most common conversion rates on the server and can vary but they often don't.

    11-15 Emeralds = 1 Diamond
    2 GB = 1 diamond
    4 IB = 1 Diamond
    64 CB (Usually) = 1 Diamond

    Player Run Shops
    The server has a lot of player shops one of the biggest shops you will hear often is Mega Market. Mostly everyone knows where it is so a lot of people can help you on this. You can also check player shops at the other warps. *Note Comfy Fishing Warp does not have Player run shops near it!


    Getting Food will be a priority on spawn you will learn quickly that melons and carrots and other farmed goods aren't a good food source if you go the the warp room and click on Mob Farm Warp on your left upon tping to the warp Room. Click the button and there are plenty of Spawners in there such as cow spawners.

    Getting Diamonds (MY METHOD)
    • First off you need a good supply of diamonds the exchange rate from Iron to Diamonds is 4 Iron Blocks (IB) for one Diamond you will need to get as much Iron as possible.
    • Once you've collected about 64 Iron blocks (This will take time) you can make a good amount of diamonds because exchange rate is 4 IB to 1 Diamond 64 IB will get you 16 Diamonds.
    • Now what to do with those diamonds first you need to make a sword With just the basic Unbreaking 3 Mending and Looting 3 on it. this will total cost you about 5 diamond maybe even less if you ask the right people.
    • Now you have 11 diamonds remaining You should immediately craft a diamond Block and ask directions to Thomas5200 and 2019's Polar Bear Farm. People will be kind enough to help almost all of the time. it costs one diamond block to get in and you can't set a home inside the farm so the next step must be done well
    • Go into the farm with the least amount of items in your inventory as possible! The only think you should need is food in your off hand and your Sword that I mentioned you would need earlier.
    • You must grind in the farm until you get a full inventory of Raw Cod and IT MUST ONLY BE RAW COD NO SALMON
    • Once you get a full inventory of Cod or as much as you can get direct yourself to Comfy Fishing Warp where you can trade 48 Cod for 1 Diamond (It adds up I get about 4-5 DB Per round)
    Getting Emeralds (MY METHOD)

    these are my methods for getting emeralds you don't have to follow them, but this seems like the easiest. way to me
    • First your going to need diamonds so use my method above.
    • We have always looked at mining on the only way to get things on this server that isn't true there is a variety of ways to get items you want and need for your builds and bases.
    • So 32 EB for an item looks intimidating which is true for a beginner that seems like a lot of wealth just for a simple item.
    • You need to find the best Diamond to Emerald shop (They do exist) You need to make sure this method can work very well if you find enough shops to get 32+ EB. This method will also cost you in Diamonds just remember that.
    • Another Method is the Villager Spawner Method. This one doesn't work for everyone like the method above it is exclusive to people who find spawners.
    • Once you find your spawner you want to use my Diamond Method above to get 32 diamonds and you need to save up your XP Bottles. Go to the Egg shop at spawn. Buy a villager egg.
    • Then go to your spawner and place it in make sure the area is sectioned off, claimed, and has plenty of light.
    • What I did for my farm is with the new 1.13 feature with soul sand and water I launch them up a tunnel if they have useful trades that I can make emeralds with.
    Getting Unbreakables
    Getting unbreakables at spawn from the [Current Month] Billy Shop Most unbreakables cost different amounts it's up to you to check the prices. You need to use my methods and get the amount of Emeralds and Diamonds to obtain the unbreakables once you have them it will be worth it.

    Before you spend diamonds on things like materials for your house I suggest you get a steady income of diamonds using my method or your own method Cosmetics are a great thing later in the game so I suggest you wait till that point to get them.

    Always keep items that are more commonly cold Rares these items are regular items like a compass and stick (Which both give you speed boosts). Some Rares are just carrots or an emerald, but they are worth a lot and are called rares for a reason not everyone has them. Keep them or sell them don't just throw them out!

    Short Term and Long Term Goals
    Here are some short term and Long Term Goals

    • #1 Short Term and Long Term Goal - Get Diamonds! Diamonds are the main currency on the server you will need them to buy supplies and for other Goods. If you are not into Grinding you own building supplies Diamonds are very Important for you.
    • #2 Short Term and Long Term Goal - VOTE DAILY vote on all 3 links every day because there are level up rewards for voting a certain amount you can get cool rewards when you hit a certain amount of votes.
    • #3 Short Term Goal - You want to get a Max Vanilla Diamond Pickaxe and Sword before any other tools!
    • #4 Long Term Goal - Become completely self sufficient you don't want to have to rely on others for material needs so you can save up your diamonds for some big ticket items

      Final Notes
    This is my finnished guide if you have any questions or suggestions on what I should add MSG ME in game or comment on this post!
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  2. This is a really helpful guide for beginners. Wish I had read this when I first joined (eons ago). Thank you for taking the time to write this :)
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    Just improved
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    Really good and helpful guide. I will definitely start to refer to this to new players :)
  5. Really useful. Liked the section on XP bottles.
  6. Thanks, this is a great summary for how to start playing safe survival. Please could a mod pin this to somewhere? It’s really useful

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