When You need Proof of a Deal You Made, Do This(WINDOWS)

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    When making a deal with someone ALWAYS take screenshots. They are your best proof of what your deal is with someone. Make sure that you spell out exactly what the deal is and who it is with and that they agree to it.

    If you do not have screenshots then your chat logs are the next best thing, but they are harder to get.

    Thank you to MC player partyhatz23 who created the how to with pictures for windows machine, for without his post it would have taken me several hours to make it from scratch.

    1. To begin, you'll need to search for %appdata%.

    For Windows 7, you'll need to click the windows button on the bottom left of your screen, then type %appdata% in the search bar shown below, and hit enter.


    For Windows 8 and 10, you can open File Explorer and search %appdata% in the box highlighted in the picture below.

    2. Once you hit enter, you should be given a folder that looks like the one in the picture below, you'll need to open the .minecraft folder.

    3. Once inside the .minecraft folder, open the logs folder shown below.

    4. Now I'll go over the logs folder itself: These folders are named by date and session number. The format is YEAR-MONTH-DAY-SESSION. There may be a single folder with session number as one which means you only logged in once that day. You may see a single date that has several folders with several session number. This means you logged in and out more than one time. There is a file called LATEST and is your most recent session.

    If you are looking for a specific day, find the folder with the correct date and session. This will require you to open each folder and UNZIP it. (I use winzip) This will allow you to see the log file for a particular day. To read your logs right click and choose open with NOTEPAD.



    Now, if you are using your chat logs as proof, you may send the entire log file for a certain session via a private message thru the forums. Start a forum conversation by clicking on the INBOX in the upper right corner and select START A CONVERSATION. To add the file there is a button at the bottom that says UPLOAD A FILE. After uploading a file, write an explanation of what happened, and what you would like done. Then send it to its recipient.
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    Also, for some pc's - like my dad's - %appdata% could be hidden sometimes. It's an easy fix though. You go into Control Panel, then click on Appearance and Personalization. From there, look for Folder Options and click on Show Hidden Files and Folders, it'll bring you into a little menu, simply look for the Folder Icon that has Hidden Files and Folders, click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives, then apply. Should work out just fine. :D
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  3. For Mac:

    1. Go to Finder, and click go


    2. Click go to folder... and type


    3. Click on the logs and find the specific one for that day

  4. Xbox DVR (recording) is free and built in into Windows 10, also
    Quicktime is good for screen-recording on Mac.
  5. Yes 2019 being a youtuber myself I just use that to record any deals or trades just in case.
  6. I've used Ice Cream Screen Recorder. I believe it records up to 10 minutes for free for every video.

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