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    Good News! Weekly events are back!
    We are sorry for the delay. We knew that it would take a few weeks to get events back up and running after the server reset, however due to both mistakes on our part, and unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to get up and running again in a timely manner.

    (note: the first event to be run will be Head Hunt, held Tuesday the 17th)

    The Return of Head Hunt, Obstacle Course, and Spleef
    Head Hunt, Obstacle Course, and Spleef weekly events will be restarting next week. You may have noticed that Treeasure Hunt wont be restarting now. We are still planning on running Treasure Hunt in the future, however, for now it has been put on hold. For the time being, Head Hunt will be hosted at spawn. Additionally, but not the focus of this post, dragon respawns, and holiday events will also be seen in the future too.

    New Event Warp
    Be on the lookout for the new event center, accessed from the warp room, I enjoyed making it, and I hope you enjoy it too!

    Applying for Event Staff
    We are looking to bolster our numbers, and to do so, we need you. We are looking for builders, event hosts, and those who know how to use command blocks and data packs. Those of you who are qualified, and interested in joining, click the link below, and follow the guidleines: https://www.safesurvival.net/forums/event-staff-apps.26/

    Weekly Schedule
    Tuesday: Head Hunt
    Thursday: Obstacle Course
    Saturday: Spleef
    First Saturday of the Month: Dragon Respawn
    Time zones rotate between weeks.

    To Access the Google Calendar, click the link:
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  2. nice.
  3. So glad to see that events are finally returning! I'd just like to point out that not all Google Calendar events (there are over 20 individual repeating event times iirc) have been switched over to reflect the current event rotation. In addition, are the time zone rotations going to be kept the same? If dead hours, treasure hunt, and the end-of-week rotation event will not return for a while, there's a way to edit the current event schedule in order to make it a lot easier to manage, and that way there would be no more fourteen week events and maybe not even any seven week events to deal with; feel free to reach out to me about that if y'all need help.

    Thanks for all your hard work everyone, event help included! I know it hasn't been easy.
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    Thank you for the question. The time zones have been updated, and reflect when the events will be hosted. Currently, the repeating titles for events are the rotation that includes TH. I have updated the next few weeks to represent the cycle without TH, and will continue to update accordingly.
  5. Thanks for addressing my question, though I asked whether or not the rotation was changed, not updated; I know they were updated, by the amount of emails I got before.

    After taking a closer look at the schedule, since I was very confused about the multiples of seven, I'm unsure as to why things got changed (for everyone else, yes they did get changed) to have a seven-week pattern in time zones. I just noticed it goes: "Western US, Eastern US, Europe, Western US, Europe, Eastern US, Europe" instead of the previous rotation, "Western US, Europe, Eastern US, Europe" (dead hours replaced the second "Europe" every other rotation when that existed). Is there a reason that the schedule got changed in this way? I feel like those who don't use the Google Calendar could get quite confused with this, as it will be much more difficult (at least, it definitely will be for me) to mentally keep track of where we are in the rotation.

    I don't really understand why the time zone rotation wasn't announced for those who don't use the calendar, as most server frequents don't use it; however, if any other players have event schedule questions, I can try my best to explain, since I have the schedule added to my own Google Calendar.
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    Removing dead hours due to both difficulty getting hosts, and the lack of participants was a given. This left 3 time zones, US-E, US-W, and EU. Your proposition would have a 1/2 EU host, and 1/4 for each US one. It was decided that a 3/7 EU, 2/7 for each US one would be better as that provides a majority in the US time zones, which reflect both the player base, and the event hosts, while also providing a plurality to the EU time zone. This is important because it is easier for US players to go to the either of the US time zones, even across the country, than it is for the EU time zone to go to a US event, so US players can more easily go to the majority of events. Lastly a 7 week cycles was chosen due to it being odd, because when TH returns, HH and OC will alternate Tuesdays. If an even cycle was chosen, then certain time zones wouldn't correctly cycle with events, losing out on opportunities.

    However, no schedule is perfect, and all must make compromises. I hope this explains the thought process that went into creating the events schedule.