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    I look forward to turning over to a new leaf and join the rest of the community!
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  2. Hello and thank you for appealing. As the moderator who banned you I will be responding to your appeal. Since you were banned for two things I will cover them separately.

    Ban reason 1: Hacked Client

    You admit you do not usually hack and you only had them on as the client you were using had them as a keybind and you used them on accident. In this video you can see you both activate the fly cheat and instead of landing immediately, you instead continue using the hack to fly away which does not look like you used it accidently.


    Ban reason 2: X-ray

    For reference all the ancient debris you will see has been rolled back so you can see where it was.

    Evidence 1:


    Here you can see you mine diagonally to 1 debris pocket, then immediately up to a second. Then you continue to diagonally mine again to another debris pocket before continuing on again.

    Evidence 2:


    Here is a continuation from the first photo where you mine from your last debris pocket then inexplicably mine upwards to another debris pocket you never would have seen had you just kept going straight.

    Evidence 3:


    Here you mined upward into a debris pocket, then mined right to another around the corner, before changing y levels again and mining diagonally to 2 more debris pockets before backtracking a few blocks and mining down right into yet another debris pocket.

    Evidence 4:


    Here you mined right into a debris pocket, mined upwards into another pocket, then mined sideways to another debris. Then you back tracked and mined down once again to another debris.

    Evidence 5:


    In this last bit of evidence you mined up into debris, mined diagonally to another, then mined down once again to another debris then continuing on.

    All of these point to you using some sort of x-ray hack and not a non loaded chunk as you claimed.

    On top of both of these reasons, you have been banned an extra 2 days as staff has also found out you have stolen a large amount of items from unclaimed bases and it was such a substantial amount that it deemed a 2 day ban which has been added to your ban.

    Due to all of this, staff has decided to deny your appeal. You are welcome back after the ban has finished but if you hack or use X-ray again you will be permanently banned from our server.
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    At 0:11 of the first link you sent I did not block the fall. 3 blocks deals no fall damage.
  4. You still flew and xrayed so your ban will not be lifted. Besides you falling had nothing to do with the ban.