Warp mayors.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Diamondman8589, Jan 21, 2020.

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  1. I was thinking that there should be a debate for who gets to be that warps mayor.
    The powers mayor will have none. What the mayor would do is help make decisions in the warp, find people's projects if they see fit, help build things and keep that wrap under control. The mayor would also get a nickname if they want that says “[warp] mayor [name]” and there could also be a council at spawn where all mayors meet to discuss things and to help each others warps out and plan cool events at said warp. If anyone has a question or idea I would gladly look at it and speak with you! Ps. this idea is still a work in progress. people would also get to vote, and election would be held every few months.
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    Hi, Diamondman I have a few questions regarding your suggestion.

    If they have no power, why would anyone at a warp listen to what they said? Also, they would not have perms to anyone's claims or builds. They would not be able to make anyone move or change their build and would no have any decision power for the warp at all, anything they did would be merely suggestion. If they have no power whats the point if they can't do anything?

    Do your mean nick or rank?

    How would this work? It would just be discussions in public chat anyway because if its multiple people you wouldn't be able to PM.

    If re-lection happens every couple months every person's vision for the same warp could be different would be very hectic.

    Personally, even with revisions I personally do not like this idea. Warps are places where people can build what they want (within server rules) and they shouldn't have to conform to one person's idea of what they wanted for the warp. Especially if that vision would change every couple of months. With this idea currently, the mayor wouldn't even have any power so it would just be cosmetic. Overall I just do not agree with the idea.
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