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    The Safe Survival warning system for breaking minor rules has changed. Here is the new setup:

    Warns will now expire in 60 days, and will add up as this:
    3 Warns = Final Warning Kick
    4 Warns = 2 Day Ban
    7 Warns = Final Warning Kick
    8 Warns = 7 Day Ban
    9 Warns = Final Warning Kick
    10 Warns = 21 Day Ban

    We believe this gives players plenty of chances to learn rules if they accidentally break one, and also disallows those who like to break minor rules and then just wait to get them cleared.

    Current Warnings will not be expired until they hit the 60 day mark from when they were given.
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  2. So after 10 warnings is it a permanent ban then?
  3. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    Depending on the situation and the infractions anything is possible. Could be a longer vacation from the server or a permanent one. I just hope that no one reaches 10 warnings. I am a sad pirate when anyone has to walk the plank due to being naughty.
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  4. don't make amrou sad :(
  5. Ye man 10 warnings is a bit ridiculous
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  6. its simple... be reasonable, kind, and knowledgable of the rules & things will go well with you
  7. There are several unreasonable rules that I disagree with- but I tend to follow them.
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  8. as long as rules are followed, everyone is fine. The warning system is meant to give better punishment for rule breakers, if you follow those rules, theres no need to complain about the warn system, as it is helping you and everyone else
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