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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Lemonite, Nov 14, 2020.

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    Full In-Game Name: lemtart
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): -Warn reason; Lagging and glitching the event mob fight.' (first warn)
    Person Who Banned You: Person who warned; doublex1
    Length of Ban: -It is a warn
    Appeal: My appeal intentions is not only for the warn to be removed but for mods to improve on something that they can mislead players with.

    Recently I had been in a boss fight with 3 other players, at the last boss, I urgently needed to go and so I stood openly with only 2 hearts expecting to get killed. It seemed that the bosses were killed, but when I urgently left I went AFK. When I rejoined I had received a warn from doublex1 for 'Lagging and glitching the event mob fight.' When I joined, it had shown I had been killed, meaning I was AFK on the death screen. I do not understand how this is my fault and the fact that the boss fight was supposedly ended, and me being dead shows that I did not start the boss fight nor did any other player. This is a server issue because the fact that I died and things still were spawning does not make sense. The bosses were said to apparently still be there according to doub yet I was dead. Doub explained that when he tped to me, I was still in the boss fight but for me, I was dead. Furthermore, I will say that this is all reasonable and that I should be more careful during a boss fight, though I still do not understand how and why this is my fault. The boss fight glitched itself and respawned all bosses including the other entities which are part of the boss fight.

    My main concern I have is that, doub had read the chat logs incorrectly. This concerned me as he said 'I purposefully glitched the mob fight.' This is absolutely inaccurate as doub said that I had said (according to chat logs) 'who wants to help glitch the boss fight.' This is most definitely not true. What I had actually said was 'anyone wanna help glitch do the boss fight at church?' Glitch as in GlitchGirl_ the player. After seeming doub said I had intentionally glitched the mob fight, he jumped to conclusions saying it was intentional and my fault. The server/event itself respawned the mobs, and I had been dead. I can understand this may also be the way minecraft is set out, and possibly players nearby had glitched me and still even though I died, the glitch made my player entitiy still appear to be there.

    » I am sincerely sorry if I had unknowingly and unintentionally glitched the boss fight. It is reasonable and fair that it still seems to be my fault though from my POV it was very different. Ofcourse people make mistakes, but the way that staff seem to jump straight to a conclusion because of evidence that they had misunderstood needs some improving. (I do not expect my warn to be removed, since it was shown that I had caused server lag; though I have reasons to appeal this warn.)

    -thanks ^^
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    » misunderstanding has been cleared
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