Wanna do a good deed? Or need some help with a big project? Thread for donations in game!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AgentSolarpunk, Sep 18, 2022.

  1. You've got a large project and need lots of resources? Just answer the following questions and update, as you go along!
    You wanna do a good deed or have an overflowing storage system? Look below to check out people's projects!

    -What is the status of the project/collection? (in progress, done, still being set up etc...)
    -What items/blocks do you need?
    -How much do you need? (A few stacks, chests full of stacks, just estimate if you're unsure!)
    -Where are you collecting your donations? Coordinates AND fastest way to get there, if you can :)
    -What's your in-game name/nick? If you want to, add your discord tag as well

    Don't forget to set up chests with hoppers for collection!

    (idk if this has been done before or how well it will work out, but didn't see anything, so I thought why not :D)

    Huge thank you already to everyone for helping out! :)
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