Voter and donator reclaims - Post here

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Shazepe, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    The automatic reclaims are closed, but you can still get your voter and donator rewards back. I will have to do it manually though, so please post your ign if you've come back and did not get your old vote/donator rewards.
  2. OoWah

    OoWah Villager

    OoWah - just need my vote rewards, if possible. No idea what my rank was before the reset, but I voted almost every day for about 2 years. Thanks.
  3. DjrQ here. Still missing Guardian and the food collection pack.
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  4. Hi my IGN is Flaming_Dorito, I don't remember my exact vote rank but pretty sure I was at VIP and was only like 10 or so votes away from millionaire.

    Also I'm galaxy but idk if I'm supposed to get the items that come with my rank again or not but if I am then I'd like those too pls. Thanks!
  5. Akaviri

    Akaviri Villager

    My IGN is Akaviri_

    I believe I was either a Regular or Veteran. Either one is fine

    I'm also a Galaxy rank, and I don't have anything there.

    Thank you so much!
  6. RGB

    RGB Villager

    hi can i get my voter and donator claims back, my ign is R_G_B
  7. SweetSang

    SweetSang Villager

    This is my first day back since the latest reset, hope to regain my vote rank rewards back (Epic), don't remember my donator info but same name in game.
  8. Is Shaz still in the land of the living? :eek: Mods?
  9. Hakrem

    Hakrem Villager

    Been back a week I have my rank but none of the vote rewards, I haVe Millionaire rank
    (Side note I voted today and it made me a Master rank but I don’t think that’s right.)
    Edit: ign is Hakrem

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