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    I am happy to announce we now have vote streak rewards for voting multiple days in a row. The rewards you get for each day are:

    3 Days
    2 XP Levels
    4 Diamonds
    5 XP Bottles
    8 Steak

    5 Days
    3 XP Levels
    Music Disc
    4 XP Bottles
    16 Steak

    7 Days
    2 Diamonds
    2 Nametags
    3 Gold Apples
    16 Emeralds
    1 Ghast Tear

    10 Days
    4 XP Levels
    4 Diamonds
    1 Pig Spawn Egg
    T - Shirt (Team Mooshroom)
    2 Ghast Tears

    14 Days
    5 Diamonds
    32 Emeralds
    4 Slime Blocks
    Silk Touch Book
    Light Blue Shulker Box
    1 Dragons Breath

    21 Days
    5 Diamonds
    5 XP Levels
    Mending Book
    Unbreakable Chain Leggins
    Unbreakable Wooden Hoe
    Explorer's Compass (+0.01 Speed offhand, +2 Health, Blast Protection 1, Protection 1)
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  2. noice
  3. does the cycle reset once we hit a 22 day streak?
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  4. Very cool! I'm glad these were added back, maybe next we could re-add the random votes? I remember getting surprised when I got a random parrot egg once, It was a very nice touch but it hasn't been in the last few maps.

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    as one might say these days: "poggers"
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  6. Nice
  7. what do they mean by t shirt?
  8. Just an unbreakable leather chestplate that has been dyed to a color that kind of corresponds with its name

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