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    The vote rewards reclaim warp is now open, please read this before trying to reclaim rewards!

    1. Make sure your inventory is empty, smaller ranks have less items but just to be sure

    2. Only enter the room for your current voting rank

    3. Do not enter the room with another player, only 1 at a time so please wait. If you try to press the button while someone else is in the room you might not be able to reclaim until a mod helps you.

    4. Higher ranks will have 2 chests with many of the voter items - its a blank chest so be careful where you place and store it.

    We will not be able to refund any items lost if you lose the chests.

    The vote reclaim warp is at spawn to the left with the other warps

    People who had or were close to Fossil rank - I have received your messages, I will be working on that soon.
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  2. So questions, what if you were close to Fossil but not there yet, has that been figured out or no? Are we just gonna be set back 9 months of voting? Should we wait to reclaim?
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  3. Enelis

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    Another question. If we have a screenshot of our old vote total, is it possible to get that back? (tbh I don't mind not getting rewards for the votes after my rank, just would like the progress)
  4. Will we get vote reclaims for the old voter system? Or the new voter system?
  5. Do we get rewards for all of the ranks we got or just the top one?
  6. What do you mean by the old and new voting system? Last map all of the votes on the system before we switched were moved over to the new system.
  7. I was under 20 votes away from master, now im set back a lot of votes :( pretty upsetting
  8. Is this still being worked on? Cause I haven't heard anything regarding the Fossil rank or those close to it recently.

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