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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Shazepe, Jan 31, 2021.

  1. Shazepe

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    Hi everyone,

    It's been a while since we've had a drop party. So if we hit our donation goal, and vote goal this month, we'll schedule a drop party as soon as its hit!

    This months vote goal is 17,000 votes total from all 3 voting websites!

    Safe Survival has had many more members online, so I'm sure we can make it! Thank you, players of SS.
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  2. yay :D
  3. heck yeah!
  4. Yanso

    Yanso Villager

    can't wait
  5. sounds good, cant go tho because im banned ;-;
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  6. when the imposter is sus !!!!
  7. Awesome!!! My only concern is people throwing their junk while the dp is active, which causes those who have empty inventories to miss out if someone makes the other player's inventory full of junk. I experienced this first hand at desert warp mall's phase 1 opening DP. and it's a shameful thing to do. I do hope people empty their inventories before the DP begins. So peeps. pls. dont litter ;-;
  8. all is fair in dps, i never heard of this trick before, delightfully devilish
  9. If you bring a full inventory of wood you can break it down to planks and fill a lot of peoples inventorys up with it. And when they start trowing it out it'l just land in someones else's inventory. Then they do the same, bam next person pikes it up. If a few people start that you will see a lot of wood being thrown around and nobody could pick up stuff at all, madly trowing plank stack after plank stack out of the inventory .... .... i was not rly planning on joining the event ... but this might get very interesting >:3

    I think some people will hate me now .... lol
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  10. iVentex

    iVentex Villager

    I believe if people are worried about people filling up their inventories during drop parties, Moderators or Shaz should make a 3x3 in the ground just a bit away from where the drop is occurring and fill it with lava, therefore if people are loading peoples inventories up, they can quickly go to the lava and empty out their inventory. Therefore nobody would be able to pick up those items.
    A second idea is before the drop would start there would be a few chests under ground connected by hoppers. Above ground would stand a few double chests that would be empty and if people get their inventories full, they can empty their stuff into the double chests which will then go down the hoppers into the storages below ground.
    Just a few tips on how I think it could be improved and make people happy!
  11. Ya'll agents of chaos need to go take a chill pill with this filling up other people's inventory nonsense.
  12. instead of raining stuff down on people we could build a giant dropper machine, like pachinko or what its called. Everybody then chooses a booth at the bottom and hopes for good luck lol. At least then its all fair and no better connection maters. But that also sounds like a afk poketfiller event.

    And yes i am a agent of chaos i guess ^^ .... what else you could do is take some diamonds and give them all unique names, so they dont stack lol
    But yeah, doing that JUST to bother others aint good fun for the most people then.

    Rather get some invis and swiftness throwing-potions ^^ and bring a ton of dogs and cats ... lol
  13. iVentex

    iVentex Villager

    Since moderators can check a person's inventory, they could do a check as well and since a few of them will be active, they could all be checking at once on the people who are present at the drop. If they see a full inventory of cobblestone, they could ban the person until the drop is over, or at least tp them somewhere where they aren't permitted in the area. Also if you get different named diamonds, you can craft 9 of them into a regular diamond block and break it back up into regular diamonds
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  14. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator

    Should we reach our vote and donation goals to earn the drop party, we still need to hit them, the drop party will be carefully managed. Troublemakers and anyone trying to ruin it will be dealt with.

    Make sure to keep voting guys!!
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  15. I havent voted in 2 years future looks uncertain
  16. I've been inactive lately, how close did we get to 17k? Last time i counted it was over 10k and then I stopped ;--;

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