violetsunflowerr's event staff application

Discussion in 'Event Staff Apps' started by violetsunflowerrr, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. In game name: violetsunflowerr
    Discord: violetsunflowerr#1885
    Age: 12 (I know this may be too young.)
    Ways events could be improved: Not sure yet, but I was definitely thinking bringing teams into the events. Almost like the event staff picks out teams, such as 2, or 3 determined on how much people are playing. And there could be a secret code the teams must figure out. I was thinking hidden signs around the map. And the winning team could get something like a custom item, just like every mod has theirs. Almost like escape rooms, but not really.
    Ways I would like to help: I would like to help in ways in creating a new event, and or builds.
    Staff Experience: Nothing yet.
    Redstone: I don't know much redstone, although I am learning more and more. I'm also not the worst at command blocks though, I know a lot of the basics.
    Build examples: And I'm sorry but I do not have any example builds to show you, because I got my account back only about a month ago. Therefore all my worlds have been deleted and since the world reset, I also don't have a lot there.

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