Valentine's Day Mapart!

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  1. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Hey everyone; happy Valentine's Day! Apologies for the delay, but we're going to start doing Valentine's Day mapart signups! You may notice that the old mapart is still in place but that's because there's a region preventing building and we need Shaz's help to clear it all out. ;v; Hopefully that'll be done soon, we'll let everyone know when players are able to build, but in the meantime, this thread is where signups are happening!

    How it works:
    • Register here in this thread for a square (16x16). Please use your IGN, NOT a nickname, AND your Discord tag, and we will be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
      • We will notify everyone when the build area is open and it will remain open for one week.
      • You will be assigned a square in a message through Discord. (Assignments will look like: A1, A2, B1, B2, etc.)
      • We only have 48 plots to give out; we will not take more entries than we have space for.
      • Groups are allowed to combine 2 adjacent plots; you can request horizontal or vertical (but no guarantees if we get a lot of people wanting to do groups).
      • Please keep mapart builds within server rules. Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed.
      • Any unfinished areas will be completed by staff.
    • At the end of the event, everyone will have a chance to get the mapart free of charge! If event staff aren't actively giving it out while you are online, you can message me on discord (Enelis#0608) and I will make sure to get you a copy.
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  2. Hikoo

    Hikoo Moderator Moderator

    Username: Hikool
    Discord: Hikoo#2502

    Grouping up with
    Username: pythonmcgee
    Discord: Chromatism#1788

    Thank you in advance!
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2021
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  3. Oh_Yeah_MrKrabs // Bird#8119

    Will be my first map art
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  4. Username: MusicOwner
    Discord: MusicOwner#1477
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  5. Glitch

    Glitch Villager


    Thanks <3
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  6. Rubinator_123

    Rubinator_123 Moderator Moderator

    Username: Rubeanator
    Discord: Ruben#0752
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  7. Username: Dominus_Frigidus

    Discord McWhorterPark#6986
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  8. Username - Fauthl13
    Discord - Fauthl13 #7967
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  9. Gnucks33

    Gnucks33 Villager

    Username: Gnucks33
    Discord: Gnucks33#2135
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  10. jinnie

    jinnie Recruit

    IGN: jinnuwu

    discord: jinn#4865

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  11. SmolRin

    SmolRin Veteran

    Ign - SmolRin
    Discord - Rin.#1014
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  12. Rain

    Rain Villager

    IGN- RainLyfe
    Discord- RainLyfe#5421
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  13. nutalie

    nutalie Moderator Moderator

    IGN - Nutalie
    Discord - natalie#2997
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  14. Yanso

    Yanso Villager

    IGN: SmolYanso
    Discord: Yanso:1111

    And I would like to request that my square be placed on the top. Thank you so much!
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  15. louloubel

    louloubel Moderator Moderator

    IGN: LouUwU
    Discord: Lou#1581
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  16. IGN: Skatastic
    Discord: Skatastic#6045

    This'll be fun! Thanks for doing it!
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  17. Amiliana

    Amiliana Villager

    IGN: Amiliana
    Discord: Amiliana #0402
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  18. Hollarious

    Hollarious Villager

    IGN: Hollarious
    Discord: Hollarious#6850

    This could be my first mapart... hope I don't make a monstrosity XD
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  19. Blah

    Blah Event Staff Event Staff

    IGN: Blah_McBlah
    Discord: oravega#6201
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