Valentine's Day Mapart 2020

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  1. Jaffasaurus

    Jaffasaurus Purple Dinosaur Moderator

    Hey everyone, for Valentines day this year the event will consist of three things those being a valentines day themed warp, a community map art that anyone can contribute to and an archery based mini game that provides unique rewards.
    (The community map art will available to everyone at no cost once the event has concluded)
    How it works:
    • Register here in this thread for a square (16x16).
      • The build area will be Opened on Feb 14th at 5pm EST.
      • The map art will be Closed on Feb 28th.
      • You will be assigned a square in message through the forums. (Assignments will be like A1, A2, B1, B2. Explanation available at the warp)
      • Only the first 47 entries will be accepted.
      • Groups are allowed to combine 2 adjacent plots.
      • Please keep map art builds within server rules. Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed.
      • Any unfinished areas will be completed by staff.

    This thread is only to be used for registration for the mapart.
    PLEASE USE YOUR IGN for registration. Thanks!
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  2. I would like a plot/area if possible. Thanks <3
  3. I would like a plot/area please! IGN: LizzieLavender
  4. __NightTime__
  5. Ollie

    Ollie Recruit

    I'd like a plot please IGN: ollie0
  6. [/QUOTE]​
    I would like to participate IGN:Spartan_1138
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  7. I would like a plot please!
    IGN - DressedToDepress
  8. I'd like a spot!
    IGN: Phantatoes

    **If possible, I'd also like to sign up for IGN Athenta (who doesn't have a forums account) and we'd like our spots to be next to each other.
  9. sStari

    sStari Veteran

    I'd like a plot!
    IGN - sstarious
  10. I’d like a spot. Thanks
    IGN: my6OOpoundlife
  11. Yes a plot please. IGN: Cheli
  12. louloubel

    louloubel Moderator Moderator

    i would love a plot :) ign: louloubel
  13. Wicked

    Wicked Villager

    Both of us want a plot side by side
  14. nutalie

    nutalie Moderator Moderator

    I want a plot plz
    ign is Nutalie
  15. I would appreciate a plot for my own uses, much thanks
  16. Photorose2002

    Photorose2002 WitherRose02

    I would like a plot please :) IGN: WitherRose02
  17. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    i would like 1 plot please thanks :)
    IGN : Hikooo
  18. Id like a plot
    IGN - RileyFS
  19. 1 plot please ign B_Pirate1
  20. 007Jam

    007Jam Villager

    Could i have a plot please IGN:007Jam

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