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    Dear admin
    Thanks for tell me how to become a staff in this server.
    Information about me:
    Age --- 16
    Time zone ----- Canada Lake Country [GMT8]

    I am a international student from China Macau but I went to Canada to study so my time zone changed. I have create 72 server before. I have plugin experience. Including Worldedit ,voxel sniper , permissionex , group manger , rpgitems , nbte and a lot more . I have been this server for 3 years. I help a admin to solve the world file broken issue before.

    Answering the question
    1. I have build my own server before so I know how to build even with few plugin. I would build some special item that player will have to get it in the event and building world for the event using plugin.
    2. I have join some special event in this server before. I have see that there is a problem that make player sometime don't even know about the event. So I think improving the event Propaganda is important
    3.I think creating boss event and Chinese new event will be a good idea for Asian player .
    4.I am good at command block knowledge and also plugin so I would like to help with event building.
    5.I build lots of event in my old server so I would like to helps with set warps and portal too .
    By MP_R
    thx for reading
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