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  1. Hey guys!

    After a lot of work and stress, the server should be coming back up shortly. Some entities have been deleted, and some will still be gone. Please respond to this thread or use the discord helpop if that is the case for you.

    Please allow us a day or so to respond, but as far as possible, you will get everything back. If you lost something, we will do our best to replace it, please don't panic. We can only apologise for what happened, thank you for your patience!

    The Staff Team.
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    This isn't something I have lost personally, but it's related and I haven't seen it reported so I'm putting it here, apologies for incoming pain. I just noticed that all of the armor stands are gone at spawn, over the farm, PvP, donator tags, RTP button, sandbox(?), trade rooms(?), claim block shop(?), and maybe more..? Also the mapart past the RTP button ("all are welcome here" I think it said).. and the memorial armor stands..
  3. Enelis

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    Forgot to add this yesterday when I said I would report for someone, Secret Billy is still missing.
  4. If you have messaged myself or Clover, all of your items should have been restored, if you are still messing any items please use the discord helpop and provide a list of missing items, as well as the coordinates.

    It has taken myself and Clover a huge amount of time to copy everything over, so thank you for your patience. I will say though, after multiple people investigating, this incident was not the fault of either admin or the mod team, please do not blame or harass specific staff members about it. Additionally, conspiracy theories and rumours about staff really aren't nice, staff are human as well, so please treat us as such.

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