Unbreakable Sword and Unbreakable pick + Cooked Cod at desert warp mall.

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  1. I am selling an Unbreakable Diamond Sword and an Unbreakable Diamond Pickaxe. If you want to buy, reply here or message me in game, my IGN is ben_games08.

    Unbreakable Diamond Sword is 25dbs
    Unbreakable Diamond Pickaxe is 25dbs

    Prices are negotiable... if you want to negotiate. Pls buy I’m poor thank.

    Also instead of making a new post I’m gonna mention it here.

    At 2886 -3461 at Desert Warp Mall I sell cooked cod there, 1:128.
    Also make sure to check out everything else sold there, like
    Beehives (with bees)
    Honey Blocks
    Melon Slices
    And More!

    Also selling rares at plains warp
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