UltraDragon29's Ban Appeal (Xray? No way.)

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by UltraDragon29, Jul 28, 2020.

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  1. Full In-Game Name: UltraDragon29
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Xray
    Person Who Banned You: louloubel
    Length of Ban: 14 days
    louloubel asked me if she could speak to me, and I said yes. She said we would look at my recent mining. I thought this was strange and alarming, since I hadn't mined in a while ("a while" is a term of perspective, and since I play on this server every day, five days is "a while").

    She teleported me to 3 places, 1 that I did not completely recognize and 2 that I remembered quite clearly. She stated that I had X-rayed to mine the diamonds. In the first one, I had dug out at the end of a lava pit about 2 blocks and found diamonds. I can't understand why this would raise suspicions. The second scene was the same thing- I had dug out several blocks straight forward from the end of a lava area and found diamonds. Again, why is this suspicious? So, I have been accused of X-ray for repeating almost the exact same "technique". The third is where I filled the area of lava that was closest to the stone I was standing on with gravel, and then removed the gravel and found diamonds underneath. (I use this technique somewhat often).

    That's the whole story, and if that is 100% proof that I have hacked- then I suspect many other completely innocent Safe Survival users have been banned by the Safe Survival Staff Team unreasonably.

    I will next point out that I have been a member of this server for almost five years and have never (until now) been accused of hacking. There is no concrete proof that I have hacked. The mods are saying that there is NO WAY that I could have been lucky enough to find diamonds on a few occasions recently. And, if hacking to get diamonds was a person's intention, I think that a person would've looted more than 3 diamond veins in the period of a week or so.

    Finally, saying that I am a cheater and don't deserve to play on a server that I have played on for almost HALF of my life is insulting and gives me a bad name. I am very disappointed.

    Lou said that she and the moderators "know X-ray when they see it". Well then, I am also very disappointed. They do NOT know it when they see it, apparently, and jumped to a hasty conclusion.

    I will speak to the staff team now.

    I have been on this server for a very very long time. I don't deserve this. This is giving me a bad name. I have enjoyed this server for a very long time. I am scared for what you might do in the future if this is how you treat an innocent person. You have no concrete proof of me hacking. The fact that 6 of you looked at it and said I had X-ray is incredible. You can speak to absolutely anyone I know and they will tell you that I am not the type of player who would cheat. If there is anything to do to prove my innocence, let me know- because at this point, it seems like I'm guilty until proven innocent.

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  2. louloubel

    louloubel Moderator Moderator

    Hi Ultra, thank you for appealing

    you claim that the evidence we have against you is all coincidental, but below is the evidence myself and other moderators determined was not luck, but in fact use of an x-ray texture pack.

    Example 1: https://imgur.com/a/i85XOoL
    in this instance, you tunnel for a few blocks, then suddenly divert your mining up to the left, then right. you then dig into diorite (as rolled back in image 2) straight into diamonds, you might call this luck, but with
    the following evidence that becomes much less likely.

    Example 2: https://imgur.com/a/dfQjy6P
    here you dig straight down, loop around a pit of lava, dig into some stone and again, go straight into diamonds. when i showed you this evidence in game you told me you were about to head to spawn as you'd finished mining, but decided to dig a few blocks before leaving. however, logs show you had only just started mining, making that excuse far less believable.

    Example 3: https://imgur.com/a/B9KCnwP
    you mine down into a cave, turn to your left, remove stone next to some obsidian and mine down straight into diamonds.

    Example 4: https://imgur.com/a/mNUjc6W
    here you appear to mine diamonds seemingly under lava. (location of diamonds is circled in image 2) you fill up the lava pool with gravel, then proceed to dig the gravel out to get to the diamonds. you said you fill up lava pools often however you only filled up a small portion of this lava pool that just so happened to have diamonds under it?

    in conclusion, we have determined from these examples that you used some form of an x-ray texture pack to find these diamonds. your excuses of you not being allowed to download hacked clients / your sister knowing you dont x-ray can unfortunately prove nothing to us. you will have to wait out the 14 days

    - Lou
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  3. Ok first of all- I have never hacked and never will. You're not giving me actual proof- just four things that are possibly coincidences. Here are my explanations for those coincidences:
    1st one: Digging outwards at the end of a tunnel to find diamonds.
    2nd one: (I use this a lot) Walk around the lava pool to check for diamonds, and then dig out. (And tell me- if I had X-ray, why wouldn't I have dug straight down on top of the diamonds?)
    3rd one: Digs down at the end of the tunnel to find diamonds
    4th one: Fills lava closest to me to find a patch of diamonds.

    These all are lucky coincidences. If you and the staff team are this blunt and arrogant in saying that there is no chance that these are all coincidences. I would guess that you could find several mining trips in between with no result of finding diamonds.

    This ban is showing me that I should never dig randomly- because I will get banned if I find diamonds.

    Again- this is labeling me a cheater, and you don't even understand. Your "evidence" is nothing but a couple coincidences.

    And you didn't respond to several of my questions to the staff team- so please, answer them.
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  4. CloverPetal

    CloverPetal Warrior Moderator

    Why would you dig outwards for one tunnel(1) and down for the other(3)? There was also hidden gold that you also mined, then went for the hidden diamonds(2). You filled the lava pool only to the extent where the diamonds were revealed(4). With these examples, you went out of your way to find these diamonds and other ores even when they would not have been visible without some sort of cheat. You just confirmed the evidence that Lou had provided.

    Once or twice is a coincidence, but 4 times? And with the given evidence and your explanations, it is quite clear that X-ray of some sort was used.

    You’re the one who announced in chat that you were getting banned for X-ray and made an appeal. If it weren’t for these 2 instances, your ban would have been keep secret as staff does not talk about other player’s bans. If you just had not have used X-ray, this all would have been avoided. The mod team is just doing their job in punishing those who break the rules accordingly. You have no one to blame but yourself.
    In this case it’s not a bad thing that we are “blunt” (straight forward) with the evidence. As for being “arrogant” whether or not this is true (which I don’t see how it is but that’s just my opinion) calling us arrogant is rather disrespectful (which is NOT recommended in ban appeals at all. I’m aware that getting caught and banned for cheating is frustrating, but that does not mean you have to be impolite about it).

    Please improve your attitude towards the staff team, and remove any X-ray clients/texture packs before returning.
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  5. So it's lucky- are you going to ban everyone for hacking for having a lucky mining day? I swear it- I'm innocent! I have done nothing wrong and I have no reason to cheat. I don't even know how to Xray! And Clover, I've known you for several years - and I think you know that I am not the type of person to cheat. I have done nothing wrong, and this is wasting my time. I really just want to be back on Safe Survival.

    Another thing- you guys, let me give an analogy for this.

    Someone has a gambling machine and it is 1/8 to win. Fair enough, right? So a customer comes in and inserts 80 tickets and doesn't win once. The owner is not a cheater, it is just the odds of winning. You could insert a billion tickets and not get one positive outcome.

    So if we apply this to my appeal- you guys are the customer. You reported me and I got banned/jailed. Is this fair? No! I can promise you that my 'gambling machine' is fair.

    I have absolutely no reason to be banned right now - and the Safe Survival Staff Team has made a big mistake.
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  6. And I cannot even blame myself, as you stated. The only people that are doing wrong are you and the rest of the staff.
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  7. And you are blocking me out completely and won't answer a single question that I asked.
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  8. I would also like to apologise for questioning your judgement - I'm very confused and I would like to play on the server again.
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  9. Let me attempt later today to send a video of all of my history, download history, and trash bin. Hopefully this will help towards my unban or perhaps a shorten.

    EDIT: It's almost impossible for you guys to prove me guilty- and it is also almost impossible for me to prove my innocence. And yet I get punished for something I have sworn up and down that I haven't done and that I have never done something like this and never will.

    I enjoy this server, but am a bit suspicious at how I got banned for getting lucky several times. (It's called an RNG so yeah- it's possible to get lucky several times in a row) And the moderators did not even record my pace. For most of those times I was hesitant and did not go straight for the diamonds, but looked in different places beforehand if I remember correctly.
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  10. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    We've explained our evidence, and have determined you have used X-Ray. We've explained many times now. The ban will stand, locking thread.
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