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  1. Hey guys! I know I'm a week late, but I figured I would just make a basic guide to the trident.

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    Tridents are tied with axes for the strongest melee weapons in the game, with an attack damage of +9. However, they are faster to recharge than an axe. They are also a ranged weapons, becoming the first melee weapon in the game to also be a ranged weapon.

    Tridents are not craftable - the only way to obtain them legit is by killing a Drowned that is holding one. There is a 15% chance a Drowned will spawn with a trident, with an 8.5% chance of dropping (without looting of any kind).

    There are 4 exclusive enchantments for the trident:
    IMPALING (Levels I-V): Essentially like smite or bane of arthropods, in that it only targets one specific type of mob: aquatic mobs
    LOYALTY (Levels I-III): A common enchantment that will cause your trident to always return to you*
    RIPTIDE (Levels I-III): You essentially become your trident, but only in water or while it's raining*
    CHANNELING: Strikes lightning on foes during storms*
    *NOTE: Loyalty & Channeling are mutually exclusive from Riptide, and vice versa, meaning that the only way to have all 4 enchantments at once is through command blocks.

    I hope you find this little tidbit of info helpful! :)
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  2. An important addition is that there are already OP tridents available from Halloween warp, which have higher levels of enchantment than is possible in survival.
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    Riptide, when you charge then throw your trident it takes you with it, so it can be used to travel a bit faster in water or in the rain and yes you can fly with it...sort of.

    Also note if you use your trident in PVP and you throw it and die before it returns to you it drops on the ground and another player can get it. I would strongly reccommend that you do not use it in PVP or if you choose to use in PVP dont throw it.
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    You did not cite your sources. ;]

    I'm just teasing... This is a very informative post! Thank you, Emerald.
  5. Ok lemme try to cite my sources:
    Source 1: Minecraft
    Source 2: Minecraft
    and Source 3: Minecraft
    Satisfied? XD
    Forgot to mention something important here - channeling will only strike lightning down on foes directly exposed to the sky - it is useless on sheltered foes.
  6. Excuse me, this is an improper citation!

    MLA Format: Persson, Markus "Notch". “Minecraft.” 1.13.1.
    APA Format: Persson, M. ". (n.d.). Minecraft (Version 1.13.1) [Computer software].
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  7. I'd suggest editing your OP to say this instead of posting a new one. Makes information easier to get at.

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