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    Hello All,

    I haven't really posted on the forums before, but I thought that I would share what I've been building on this server for the past couple of maps now. I can't remember when I have first started playing on this server. However, I do remember playing here when I was in high school, and now I'm about to graduate from university! Just how fast time flies is crazy, but I do remember having started out just looking for a vanilla Minecraft server with /sethome, /home, and no /tpa capabilities after playing months of Minecraft Tekkit.

    I've started out on this server with one pretty basic task: building my own house and surviving the night. This quickly led to me building a town named Sarnia which then led me to me building a roadway system connecting myself and neighbors to Spawn: the Trans-Minecraft Highway 1. For anyone who's interested, the naming convention is inspired from the Canadian highway system as I've decided to use the 1 block = 1 meter rule (guess where Sarnia is located in real life lol). Anyways, below is a video documenting the roadway system on this version of the server. Hope you guys enjoy.

    You will be remembered:
    and other neighbors I seemed to forget the spelling of from the old times

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  2. I've only made it partway through so far, but I really like this video. It's a very nice tour of the roadway system. What shader pack are you using here?
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    Thanks! And I was using the SEUS Renewed shader, the VanillaBDcraft texture pack, and the Oblivioncraft soundpack.
  4. And now I've had a chance to finish watching. Most of the video is accelerated, how long did that actually take you to make?
  5. Whooo my fav highway system pre and post reset!!!
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    The walk wasn't bad at all. Probably around 15-25 minutes (with the tour of Sarnia)? Waiting out the night to have to sleeping effect took the longest probably.

    And yes thanks Tau! Happy to feature a small portion of the Birch Warp airport in the tour.
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    Sarnia DOT Archives
    Part 1

    Trans-Minecraft Highway 405 @ Trans-Minecraft Highway 1 Interchange looking EAST

    Trans-Minecraft Highway 1 @ Trans-Minecraft Highway 405 Aerial View looking southwest

    Trans-Minecraft Highway 1 @ Eureka Rd. Interchange - Aerial View

    Trans-Minecraft Highway 402 @ Desert Warp City Interchange - Aerial View looking southwest

    Trans-Minecraft Highway 402 EAST @ Desert Warp City Interchange - Looking east

    Trans-Minecraft Highway 402 EAST - Looking east @ Desert Warp

    Trans-Minecraft Highway 402 West - Looking westbound

    Start of Trans-Minecraft Highway 402 West @ Desert Warp
    1 km = 1000 m = 1000 blocks
    Mile markers are roughly approximated based on d=√((x_2-x_1)²+(z_2-z_1)²) and should not be used for food/distance ratio purposes!

    Please do not connect paths/roads directly to freeways (i.e. TM-402) as these are meant to act as
    limited-access roads! I will build you an exit if terrain allows and no exit exists within 1000 m.

    ====================== END of Part 1 - Max attachment limit reached ======================
    Just a few "freeway interchanges" that were constructed over the years. I couldn't attach screenshots of all the interchanges built along the Trans-Minecraft Highway system due to the maximum attachment limit - but these few photos should do for now. Interchange/bridge construction dates are usually found on a sign along the first pier nearest to any bridge abutment on either side of bridge approach. Do leave a reply if you've ever crossed/used/seen one of these routes!

    Current Trans-Minecraft Highway Routes:
    1. Trans-Minecraft Highway 1 (TM-1) - Main north/south highway connecting Spawn to Auremis, Minecraft Route 50 (Timbo303's highway to Kirbyville), Trinity City, Sarnia, TM-402, and TM-405. Current plans to extend highway further north unknown. Special thanks to Caspian7152 for providing highway right-of-way near Spawn.
    2. Trans-Minecraft Highway 402 (TM-402) - East/West freeway connecting Sarnia, TM-1, Birch Warp, and Desert Warp. Mountain warp connection under construction. Special thanks to Hikoo for providing Desert Warp land to establish final connection from highway to Admin path.
    3. Trans-Minecraft Highway 405 (TM-405) - East/West highway, partial freeway, connecting TM-1 to Mega Taiga Warp. No further plans on extending as highway terminates at TM-1 on the west end and terminates at Mega Taiga Warp at the east end. Special thanks to Enelis for extending highway through claim to warp center.
    Thanks to anyone else that has provided land/resources to the highway project!

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  8. Great work so far!
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    12/06/2021 - Trans-Minecraft Highway 1 (TM-1)/Minecraft Route 50 (M-50) Interchange Update
    Sarnia DOT Archives
    The new and improved TM-1/M-50 interchange is now open to all traffic. Upgrades include high speed flyover ramps, smoother ramp curves, better signage, grade lower (for TM-1), Kirbyville Culvert/retention basin, slope restoration, and additional high mast tower lighting. Although some, if not most, of these upgrades do NOT follow any environmental regulations including, but not limited to, swamp backfilling, hazardous ocean debris dumping, and mass deforestation, TM-1 and M-50 is one of the top interchanges on the Trans-Minecraft Highway system. All jokes aside, this is probably the best stack interchange I've ever built in Minecraft survival!

    P.S. NO proper construction permits were obtained at any point prior to or post construction. All existing plans and proposals were destroyed at the time of this posting.

    Quick Wiki:
    • Trans-Minecraft Highway 1 (TM-1) is the main Trans-Minecraft Highway series highway running north/south connecting Spawn north to Eureka, Kirbyville, Auremis, Sarnia, TM-402, and TM-405.
    • Minecraft Route 50 (M-50) is the main connector to Kirbyville (Timbo303's town) from the Trans-Minecraft Highway system.
    • The Trans-Minecraft Highway system is built and maintained by the Sarnia DOT.
    • The Minecraft Route Highway system is built and maintained by Timbo303.
    • M-50 WEST/OUEST currently goes nowhere and is closed to traffic. Handing roadway jurisdiction back to Timbo303 and happy to assist in any future developments.

    Figure 1: Map of TM-1/M-50 interchange.

    Figure 2: TM-1/M-50 aerial view from 5G cell tower.

    Figure 3: TM-1 looking south towards Spawn.

    Figure 4: M-50 looking eastbound towards Kirbyville.

    Figure 5: Stack interchanges - looking up from TM-1.

    Figure 6: Probably a 1000 year culvert. Seeing if water levels were to reach this high, the Town of Kirbyville would go under.

    Figure 7: Wide aerial view of TM-1/M-50 interchange taken on top of 5G cell tower.

    Figure 8: TM-1 looking south towards Spawn at night.

    Figure 9: Westbound M-50 ramp to southbound TM-1 towards Spawn.

    Figure 10: Top of M-50 (top of stack interchange) looking south.​

    Special thanks to limited term Sarnia DOT employee, slimeysalmon, for helping me tear down the old and outdated interchange (built when I still had no idea how to build smooth curves).
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  10. I have been watching this server for 7 years, you have been the single most consistent project through that timespan and deserve way more recognition than you get. The new builds look awesome man!
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  11. Man this looks amazing Well done.