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  1. In-game Name (Not Nickname): TimelordofLegend
    Age: 18
    Current Rank: Master / Mythical
    Time zone: EST
    What time(s) of day do you normally play: Most days regularly from somewhere between 1pm to 2 am. However Mondays I can play all day.
    Past Mod Experience: I have no past mod experience but I am fairly familiar with commands as well as redstone mechanics. I also learn quickly, and on the fly if needed. I don't know if this counts at all but I also ran a Dungeons and Dragons club at my school and am the dungeon master when my group meets up (for those who don't know the Dungeon master runs the game and story in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign).

    What do you like or dislike about the server?: I love the community aspect of this server as it has the best one that I have found. I also very much enjoy the player shop mechanic of this server and have entrenched myself in the developments of new designs that are cheaper, more interesting, or just more compact. My great interest in the shops have lead me to help run two large shops on the server (Snowfall Mall and its parent shop Brick Build Co). I also enjoy the events that the server holds as they are extremely fun (Head hunt is my personal favourite). As for what I do not like I would have to say that we do get people who simply wish to not follow the rules and create a row in the server by being rude and hacking, but that isn't the fault of the mods and they are very quick at catching these people. I would like to help the mods with this as well as I know that I, and I'm sure everyone, hate when people come to merely troll the server and be mean and rude to others.

    I think this server is fantastic and a wonderful place to play with friends and I wish to give back to this amazing server by helping moderate it. Moderating can be hard, however I believe I am up to that challenge.

    I thank you in advance for at least reading my staff application, and hopefully you will consider me for moderator.

    Edit: my discord is PARZIVAL #4725
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