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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ToastyNick, Jul 5, 2019.

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  1. ToastyNick

    ToastyNick Villager

    Well I pitched this idea in chat about a month ago and based on some mixed feedback I refined this idea for a potential event. To preface this, I know that Lefik and the Event Staff already have a lot on their plates regarding the ... uh (impending?) Mid - December Update, the upcoming Parkour Release, some random event that Lefik gave us a sneak peak at and of course 1.14. That being said, this is just an idea for a minimalish effort event that I'm sure older players as well as newer players will enjoy.

    The original idea was that the old event warps be fully unlocked for about a week or so with all rewards being available to the public again. This of course was controversial because it would ruin the market for many hard-earned valuables that older players have acquired. I then suggested that nerfed versions of these items could be replaced in the billy trades which still received iffy feedback at best.

    Instead I propose that for a week or two the old events be unlocked but instead of rewarding the old christmas/halloween tokens, they could award a new throwback token that could be traded for new throwback event items. I think it would be really cool for newer players like myself to play the old events and get to experience what other players have in the past and I think it would be a nice little flashback for those more experienced players on the server. I think everybody would be grateful for a few new rares too.

    The nice thing would be that there would be a great variety of events and that the event staff/Lefik would not actually have to build anything new and rather just reuse the old warps. The only work that I would foresee for the event staff is replacing the rewards of the billies and creating new items for the event.

    Anyhow, I'm still pretty new to the server (about 1.5 months now) so if this is unrealistic / would have negative factors that I am not aware of feel free to give some feedback. Thanks for reading!
  2. Some older events are broken by the update to 1.13, as many commands changed including /summon.
  3. ToastyNick

    ToastyNick Villager

    Oh, hadn't though about that faq but you make a solid point. I wasn't exactly around for the previous events so I can't say how much work it would be and if the event games would have to be remade or the commands just updated, but I remain hopeful :).

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