This is embarrassing.

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by LeafSync, Jan 18, 2018.

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  1. Full In-Game Name: LeafSync
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Spam
    Person Who Banned You: Bot
    Length of Ban: It just says to appeal on the forums.
    This is embarrassing.
    A few days ago someone cursed in the chat and as a joke i said "Mods clear the chat" beacouse no mods were online i said "Everyone spam Clear chat to push the message away".
    Some players did that a few times. I spammed "Clear Chat" about every 3 seconds.A warning showed up,i slowed down to about 5 seconds and no more warnings... i countinued to spam that untill i got kicked and...banned :(

    Why I did that? I am not sure. Maybe i was bored,maybe sleepy or just an idiot. Before i got banned a player said "You can do that but be carefull not to get banned".

    I am not defending my stupidity but if there would be more than one warning and/or a kick before the ban i would probably have stopped.

    I hope the mods and the community can forgive me.

    *Note: All the quotes are not accurate,its what i remember :/
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  2. You've been unbanned. Just be more careful in the future. :)
  3. Thank you!
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