The Quartz Collection: Desert Oasis

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  1. Hey y'all! I'm guessing that some of you who've wandered around Desert Warp have happened across my most recent build there, but I recently installed some new shaders and wanted to share these shots. Obviously it's still a work in progress, but I think I'm close to being satisfied with it.

    Also, quick note, I will be opening up shops in multiple locations throughout the plaza! I'm currently looking for someone to help out with shop construction. Only planning on selling Map Arts and certain items/blocks, in addition to an ore exchange.

    But anyways... I can't believe that I've been playing this game for almost nine years and never messed around with shaders. They look so freakin' good.

    //Front View//

    //View from the Museum//

    //Rear View//

    //View from the Lake//

    Huge thanks to Kyle92, Hikoo, blah28722, dzrv, M53, and _kwix_ for helping to make this build happen.

    And thank you, Mr. or Ms. reader, for taking the time to check this out! Peace y'all-
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  2. Looks great :) and what shaderpack is that?
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  3. It looks super awesome!
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  4. Nostalgia Shader Pack with the Ultima Texture Pack. It's a beautiful combo
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  5. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    Looks amazing, keep up the great work!!
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  6. I love the bridge!

    Bridges... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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  7. Can you give some building tips for an aspiring minecraft architect?
  8. For sure! It really depends on the style you go for. I stick primarily to abstract, post-modern aesthetics, and pull inspiration from all over the place.
    In addition to replicating building styles I've seen IRL, is an excellent resource for inspiration. I don't ever really copy anything directly, but I'll browse around, pick individual elements from different structures, and blend it all up.

    As for building technique, I use an approach I like to call "Stream-of-Consciousness Building." This means that I usually don't go in with a plan of what I'm going to build, I kinda just... let it flow out. However, I follow the same steps almost every time.
    1. Identify a plot of land you want to use. I always try my hardest to build according to the landscape and keep terraforming to a minimum, aside from leveling out surfaces for easier layouts.
    2. After my land is prepared, I usually start building interlocking 3D shapes (rectangles, cylinders, slanted surfaces, etc.). A good way to imagine this is by looking at how Lego bricks can interlock in tons of different ways:[​IMG] Usually, I do this with quartz, but anything works.
    3. After my quartz outlines are made, I fill in the walls with various complimentary tones of terracotta and concrete. Building the quartz outlines to be at least 5 blocks high helps a lot, because you can give the building a lot more texture and character by having the colored walls set further back.
    4. After that, I'll do roofs, floors, and staircases. I usually do stairs first so that planning the different floors becomes a lot easier. Spiral staircases are also great for maximizing horizontal space. Materials are typically dark oak or spruce.
    5. Lastly, landscaping. This is imo the most important thing for tying your structure into the landscape. It doesn't necessarily need to match the biome, but it helps.
    I've been planning on doing a video tutorial thing for a while, keep an eye out for that in the near future!
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  9. T
    Thank you so much! What is ur IGN?
  10. Username is MCSRoflcopter, you'll see me in chat as {Chief}Gecc
  11. Could I either pay you or something for you to somehow help with the construction of the industrial district in Kila?

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