The Mushroom Warp Event Complex

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  1. Hi, I've recently been working with several other people to expand upon the Spleef Arena I originally built at the Mushroom warp. In this thread I will explain what the Event Complex is, who helps run the place, and our plans for the near future.

    The Event Complex (formerly known as the MI warp Spleef Arena) started in March 2020 as a fun project of mine. I, and several others host player-run Spleef matches at least once per week and have been for over six months now. We plan to keep hosting games weekly for as long as we can.

    Event Complex Staff (Do not confuse us with the actual Event Staff)
    Hosts and Helpers

    Future Plans
    We are currently focusing on two things: Adding extra mini-games/events and a casino. I can't really specify much about the casino yet, but we're planning on re-building Boat Race, and building a minigame similar to Among us. If anyone wants to help us build new events/the casino, please message sstari#4474 or Rin.#1014 on Discord.

    Spleef Arena

    Planned Event Area
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