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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DjrQ, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. Hey guys,

    because I havent seen a post by the staff adressing the issue of the server lag yet, I've decided to make this post.* The constant lagging is taking the fun out of the game for me. Tonight I was working on a highrise project. Because of the lag, my elytra couldnt deploy, making working on my project impossible. It was the very first time I rage-quitted a game ever in my 30 years as a gamer.

    This isn't the first time the server has been laggy. The issue is well known by the staff and admin, proof provided by the recent blacklisting of the word 'Lag' in server chat. So my questions to whom it may concern are:
    1. Is the cause of the lag known?
    2. Is there a fix that will resolve the lag-problem?
    3. If so: is there a timetable on this fix?

    You know I've been a loyal player for years now (first playing on 1.8 under a different ign), but the way the server is behaving atm is really sapping all joy from playing.

    @Admin/staff: could you please take some time to answer the questions and/or adress the issue in an official post.

    @Everyone else: how are you guys coping with the lag atm?

    Thanks in advance and let's all pray/hope/cross fingers for a fast sollution.

    DjrQ/ Elmo

    * If there IS an official post adressing it, please remove this one
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  2. Personally, I just stand around activating farms. I activate them every ~10 minutes and just play other games between.

    Also, I agree, we need some transparency, not the "we're looking into it" we've been receiving. :)
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  3. RunE

    RunE Moderator Moderator

    I can almost bet you money that this has something to do with industrial scale turtle farms. The other day I found around 300 turtles in one single spot (hint: desert warp)
    This specific player is hardly alone in their obsession with turtles.
  4. This is much worse if it's near a warp as those chunks will be loaded quite often
  5. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    We've been making a lot of improvements to attempt to reduce the lag, today should have been a lot better than it has been. With more players it could get worse, but we'll adjust. It could be farms, and if it is - in the case of larger farms they may need to be changed. The rules state players should keep their farm sizes reasonable, and too many mobs or redstone farms creating significant and noticeable lag must be changed.

    As for a time table, you should have already seen improvement today, and it will continue to get better. There are multiple sources of the lag, and 1.13 made a lot of changes to minecraft, but as usual we will adjust.
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  6. Since the lag has gotten much worse I do not play as often. There were times I would stay on for hours! Now if im on for 30 minutes at a time I am lucky. I don't really build. I mine more than anything. But its VERY frustrating when I am mining and I get knocked back the same 7+ blocks each time. Today when a lag spike hit I was coming up from the trading rooms and by the time it was done I had gone up the stairs halfway 3 times! I finally got annoyed and left.
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  7. RunE

    RunE Moderator Moderator

    Doing a /timings report for the server should answer a few questions though.
    I'm sure that the staff are aware of this, but just in case...
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  8. Sorry for an additional post here but I don't think it helps anything when there is a lag spike that everyone types/spam the word lag or whatever they can type out. Just more of a spam matter and delay. Will that stop people from doing it? No. Just addressing that real quick. Please, noone think I am being rude by bringing that up.
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  9. It is a problem. The staff did what they could by censoring just typing "lag" in chat but players are still getting around it by saying l ag or lagg
  10. I can totally agree with this. Having only potatoes for pc that can barley run minecraft a lag free environment is key. Even with optifine my fps doesn't increase at all unless I'm on the bare minimum setting (THE lowest setting for everything) and I still only get like 40 fps. Now back on a vanilla client, it's even worse. Being 13 and making no income is even better for getting new tech.
  11. What are the specs of your pc? I only ask because it's pretty hard to find a pc that will do worse than a Mac for gaming.

    Also, I don't mind the lag too much. I've been mining, and I haven't had block lag yet. After the lag is gone, the items just appear then drop. Otherwise it doesn't really affect my gameplay.

    Honestly the biggest issue I've had is that my username is now pointless.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to answer Shai. I agree with your vision in the source of the problems. 1.13 introduced a lot of new, lag-inducing mobs. I also think they changed something at the core of the engine; I noticed this when I was playing 1.13 solo.

    From your answer I understand there are no clear answers to what's really causing the lag, what the fix could be and when the problem is going to be solved though. I've taken the liberty to search on some Mohjang forums for answers, but besides the fact that our server isn't the only one experiencing this problem, there are no real sollutions offered by Mohjang (Notch should have never sold his beautiful project to the greedy machine of destruction called Microsoft).

    Now, about the '30 mobs per chunk max rule', I think it's time mods enforced it more in an attempt to curb the lag. How about a server wide mob-purge campaign, and asking players to get rid of surplus mobs? All for the benefit of the server ofcourse.

    And on that topic, another question: do fish count as mobs? Do they take up the same server-power as, let's say, a cow? Or a dolphin for that matter?

    Is this an idea? Let's get the community together to get the server in a better state; Curb the Lag!

    Yeah, no. I don't think censorship is the answer here. It's fighting a symptom, not the disease. And although typing 'Lag!1!!!1' could be regarded as annoying, the lag itself is infinite times more hindering. People need to vent when frustrated. I know I do sometimes. If you ban the word 'Lag', people will get around it by switching to different words to voice their frustration.
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  13. Core i3 5010U (mobile only) dual core wth hyperthreading @ 2.1ghz.
    (Also it’s a laptop with an apu in it )
    Intel HD graphics 5500
    Also 6gb of ram
    It can run fortnite on the lowest settings but with optifine on THE lowest settings like smart render, etc
    I avg 25 FPS on Minecraft and 40 on fortnite. These are the only games that I’m aware of that will run
  14. This isn't client (you!) sided, but server sided. Also, I think I solved the mystery of the missing items, when I found myself with three instances of the same unbreaking tool in my inventory this afternoon...which all disappeared after a lagspike was over. My tip now is to not switch the drop button, but - whenever you select or switch a tool - wait atleast 5 minutes before doing anything else to make sure you still have it. Go make yourself some tea or something. Better save than shovelless
  15. tru even though the server is still laggy due to a "rise in players" the staff team are still doing their best to help get rid of it.
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  16. Agreed that the communication with the playerbase was really bad on this issue, and censoring the word lag didn't help.
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  17. No, it felt 1984is, due to lack of open communication. I work part time PR as an innovation and communication manager for the Durch government, and not ignoring obvious problems is litteraly the first rule of our rulebook.
  18. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    UPDATE: The source of the server lag has been found and fixed! The server is running much better now.

    We didn't have much to tell the player base, the source of lag isn't easy to find, we tried a lot of ways to fix it. We censored lag because it was spammed and saying it doesn't help much, staff can still see what gets censored though.
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