The Kila Carnival

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  1. The Kila Carnival is finally finished! Kila is a nation that has been going since April (You can find the sethome block at X: 3147 Z: -6886, and it's official forums post is at, and we've been working on the Carnival for quite a long time, but it's finally open! I am proud to say that citizens of Kila get two free tickets to use at the Carnival!

    The coordinates to the carnival sethome are: X: 3135, Z: -6731, and anyone can participate!
    We have:

    Tickets Booth
    (One ticket costs a diamond, ten tickets costs one DB)

    Food Shop

    (Screenshot not available)

    Whooshy Ride
    (Screenshot not available)

    Javelin Aiming
    (Yellow Range: 5 Lapis, Orange Range: 5 Emeralds, Red Range: 2 diamonds)

    Mini Golf
    (Screenshot not available)

    Gambling Machine
    2020-06-13_11.56.25 (1).png
    (1/8 chance to win: Cow Egg, Gold and Lapis blocks, Ghast Tears, Slime Blocks, Enchanted Books, Shulker Box, etc.)

    DISCLAIMER: Any false carnival tickets will be reported and will be worth nothing in the carnival.

    So the first day that the Kila Carnival will be opened to the public is July 25 from 3:00 to 3:45 Central. Mark your calendars! (I have added a timezone conversion chart below to help y'all from different time zones!)

    Pacific Time (US) PDT UTC-7
    1:00 PM
    Mountain Time (US) MDT UTC-6
    2:00 PM
    Central Time (US) CDT UTC-5
    3:00 PM
    Eastern Time (US) EDT UTC-4
    4:00 PM
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -03 UTC-3
    5:00 PM
    6:00 PM
    London, United Kingdom BST UTC+1
    7:00 PM
    Berlin, Germany CEST UTC+2
    8:00 PM
    Moscow, Russian Federation MSK UTC+3
    9:00 PM
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates +04 UTC+4
    10:00 PM
    Mumbai, India IST UTC+5:30
    11:00 PM
    Singapore, Singapore +08 UTC+8
    12:00 AM
    Beijing, China CST UTC+8
    1:00 AM
    China Time, China CST UTC+8
    2:00 AM
    Tokyo, Japan JST UTC+9
    3:00 AM
    Sydney, Australia AEST UTC+10
    4:00 AM
    Auckland, New Zealand NZST UTC+12
    5:00 AM

    Hope this works for you, and I hope to see you at the day of the carnival!

    Your Friend,
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  2. Is happening in about 15 minutes!

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