The forums needs a rule update on xray bans

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by SnortXD9K, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. So shaz made that announcement right? Link is here: its says that xrayers caught will have valuables stolen and on the rules it says that all ores and spawners will be taken away but it doesnt say anything about valuables being tooken so i think the server should update that so new people dont think that they can just blatantly xray for as long possible once get lots of dbs and buy stuff and cause damage to the servers diamond currency economy.Have a good day and stay safe surviving in this pandemic!
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  2. upload_2020-6-24_16-16-13.png
    Um... yes it does.
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  3. when i was on the rules a few days ago it didnt say that i think
  4. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    Its always said that Snort.
  5. As evidenced here.

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