The Dragon's Lair

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  1. The Dragon's Lair is the 2nd Oldest Town on the entire server (Oldest is Zai's) and with the Biggest amount of members as well (currently 257). Most arent active due to irl situations that dont let them be able to play on the server.

    The Dragon's Lair exists for as far as i can remember 3 years and we always stand out due to the Builds, multiple areas for enjoyment, we have the Comunity Christmas Village Build every year where i after built record some clips and make a Christmas Special video on my YT channel.

    Before reset The Dragon's Lair was just a Oriental themed city (Japanese/Chinese).
    But after reset we started as a Underwater themed City (Pirate/Sea Related/Sci-Fi).
    As of now we added 2 new Kingdoms/Areas for more diversity for other members that dont like the idea of building Underwater (wich i can understand) being Hobbit (Medieval/Hobbit) and bringing back our beloved Oriental (Japanese/Chinese).

    The Underwater City is more developed since its there pretty much since the reset, it has Villager Trading Hall (Mending, Fortune III, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, etc) Guardian Farm (Public and Free to use) Triple Cow Spawner, Sheep Spawner, Quad XP Farm (2 Cave Spider Spawners + 1 Skeleton Spawner + 1 Zombie Spawner), Pirate Christmas Village (Community Build Project Event) and much more.

    The Oriental Kingdom is slightly fresh with the Spawn area build and the Town Hall.

    The Hobbit Kingdom is also slightly fresh with 1 Hobbit House being built 1 Wheat House and a Horse Stable.

    If you wanna join let me know in pm or by replying this thread.
    We also have our Discord to keep the comunity updated on town's stuff...