The Dragon's Lair Spawn Island Building Competition

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  1. So guys since 1.13 is here what do you think of another competition? This time is a Spawn Island Build Competition the best Spawn Island wins and gets that on the Town's underwater kingdom and also wins a free Chocolate Pieces (OP ITEM)


    Build size is maximum of 50 X 50

    Building Style is Futuristic/Pirate/Sea Creatures/Tropical

    Building Competition ends on 31st of November

    Since it's a big theme it can be done in teams up to 5 people

    Anyone can participate even non town members

    Winner will be announced on the 2nd of December

    Let me know who wants to participate

  2. cewl, seems like not a lot of people have seen this though
  3. He posted it on the DL discord as well.
  4. TroyMander

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    does it have to be done on the server? I'd love to build something for this because it's really open ended but I'm not sure I have time to gather all the materials and stuff.
  5. Well even though I don't specify it's best if it's on the server cus in creative people might just use builds from other people by downloading they're maps
  6. But... if you allowed creative builds you might actually get more than 3 entries.
  7. what are those!! No really, what are they?
  8. They give....i forgot lol I'll update it when I get online
  9. Well sure why not I guess
  10. i'll show you one when I get on
  11. We've made a team, it's just me, dogloversmc, and NatureLover27! Should I tell you what we're building here? Or somewhere else at a different time? Anyhow, we're in!
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  12. Uhmm sure you can tell me what it is and where so I'll know where to go once finished
  13. It is directly south from Island warp, it's about 150-250 blocks from warp
  14. Kk thnx for letting me know