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    Opening soon!

    The Decor Store is your one stop shop for the most unique interior design items on the server. This shop is unlike any other. We design mapart just for home decoration. We will be posting a sneak-peek of a few items as they become available. The open date is not set yet, but look for news here and stop by the shop to take a peek through the windows.

    Who owns this?: @Danbraa is the shop owner, @Cheli is the designer.
    Assistants: @RavenDay Block donations: Knas @RunE

    Where?: Mountain Warp
    (Walk Straight from the warp, Green building on left. CAN'T MISS IT!)
    Cost?: 1 Diamond Block each piece, but we will have other trades for Iron Blocks as well!

    What kind of variety?: We have 53 machines and intend on filling them all with varied pieces for your indoor decor.

    Do you do custom Maps?: Yes. We will be doing custom maps after the initial maps are complete. We will need some time before fulfilling those requests. Custom maps start at 10 Db and go up based on number of colors and difficulty. Details will be posted when we are ready to accept projects.

    Can I sell my mapart there?: We have a very select idea of what we want to provide as to not create a competitive market to other Mapart shops. If you believe your mapart meets the following criteria, send me a message in discord: Cheli #2010

    Your map art submission must:
    1. look like it's a "household" item
    2. not have a signature (hidden sigs maybe accepted)
    3. if it's a "picture", it should have a very evident frame surrounding it. (content subject to review before acceptance)
    4. signs (street signs, door signs, arrows, notices, etc) must be versatile and not signed
    All items submitted will be up for review before being allowed to sell at the Decor Store.
    We welcome all mapart designers to submit content, even if it does not meet the listed criteria. If it's close...submit anyhow!
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  3. Shop and mapart both look amazing :)
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    These girls are so talented.

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