The Custom Textures for Custom Items Project

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  1. Some of you may already know or have heard, but sometime around last week, Ice had the idea of creating a resource pack dedicated to giving (most) custom items their own unique texture. The following day, Rin decided to tag along to help out with suggestions and creating a list for things to make. Our original goal was to only do vote rank items, then it expanded to donator rank items, then event items, and even some that aren't even categorized. Though it isn't currently completely finished, I feel as though it is in a state that is worth making public, so I present the Custom Textures for Custom Items Project!

    Currently, we have over 30 unique item textures and that number continues to rise daily.

    In order, the items we've added so far are Super Compass, Explorer's Compass, Walking Stick, King's Crown, Cosmic Helmet, Winter Hat, Cosmic Boots, Explorer's Boots, Elite Bow, Whip, The Mighty Sceptre, Brave Ark, Veteran's Sword (diamond and netherite), Billy's Blade, Knight's Sword, Survivor's Blade, Zombie Pigman Sword, Armoured Elytra (+3 secret variants!), Scythe (diamond and netherite), Fossil, Glory of the Snow, Ruby, Phoenix Feather, Pink Jelly Bean, Billy's Top Secret Catalog, Telescope.

    The download is here:

    DISCLAIMER: You NEED to have OptiFine installed and have Custom Items turned ON in Video Settings > Quality or else it will not work! Also, the textures are dependent on the name of the item, not the data, so custom names are not supported, unfortunately.


    Public v1.1

    - Added Unbreakable Diamond Bow (you're welcome)
    - Added textures for equipped Armored Elytras
    - Fixed an odd issue with Pink Jelly Beans causing it to not work on some (Some were named "Pink Jellybean" rather than "Pink Jelly Bean")
    - Fixed BladeWave's Lost Compass
    Public v1.1.1
    - Added Refractor
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