The Capital's Election!

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Who will be our President of the Capital!

Poll closed Jan 30, 2019.
  1. SkyFlower

  2. Kertmit

  3. GalacticAC

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  4. UltraDragon29

  5. Qtartist

  6. LagISMyFriend

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  7. Blah_McBlah

  8. CraftyMucky123

  9. WhoInvitedHailey

  10. NatureLover27

  1. Roll as a President of The Capital

    Each of the player who is running must pick a perfect Vice President to help them run the city

    Who do you think should fit the roll as a President of The Capital, who will be in charge of the city buildings, roads, shops, city expansion in general.
    We will have 10 Senators who will be working along side with the President and Vice President to make sure they are not doing things that could ruin or damage the city/funding. They will also be the voters on what the Presidents plans.

    Each President and Vice President will have 3 months terms, after that, another election will be posted. They can run a second term if they wish. But we mainly want other players to experience this.

    Also, Capital will be expanding all around the admin claim and change the area by districts

    North is Shop District
    East is Capital's Mansion/Yacht/Underground Spleef
    South is Downtown District
    West is Housing District
    Presidential Voting is Today tell the 30th!

    Players who are running can post on the comment below on WHY they wish to run for President, also comment WHO will be their Vice President
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  2. Blah

    Blah Veteran

    Why I want to be president:

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  3. RunE

    RunE Moderator Moderator

    I voted for blah because he is the only one with a clear message ;)

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  4. This speaks for itself

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  5. I Was gonna run for Vice but forgot how Elections work so here I am now

    (also sad i cant vote for myself)
  6. Just pasting the stuff I wrote from the original thread, sorry for bad format and grammar, I wrote it on mobile while I'm half asleep.
    Three things I will focus on if Im elected:
    Im definitely not the best builder/redstoner, so I will try to recruit talented builders to the city (we are in serious need of fresh blood rn) All kinds of people will be welcomed, and we should construct the Utopia together with our hand and brains.
    Investing on infrastructures is a old tradition of me. I will try to make an industrial/agricultural area, with these free to use facilities, I hope we can attract more players. When we grow to a certain population, we can even start commercial activities, players are encouraged to make thier own shops, inproving the economy and also creats new job opportunities.
    Being limited to our own city is not fun at all, with the addition of a transportation hub, we can expand beyond our city border, building more stuff along transportation lines, which can lead to further development of the city.
  7. Lag, if you wanted to run for vice I would suggest talking to another candidate. You can be their Vice President should they win and we can count any votes that go for you towards them. :)
  8. Kermit

    Kermit Veteran

    Um I'd be a gud president cos I get stuff done, k thx xxx

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  9. Hey Lag want to be my Vice?
  10. I want to be president because I would like the capital to become a friendlier place! Of course, I probably won't win, but I'll try not to be a sore loser!

    VP: NatureLover27
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  11. Capital's already a friendly place, what more can you do to make it better?
    My suggestion, help expand the city. Everything else I can do myself
  12. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    Considering I have the most votes at the moment I would be happy to help expand the City.
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  13. Tau434

    Tau434 Veteran

    I have a suggestion for this election - since anyone could have run for President, there’s an issue with a splitting of the vote across a wide field. I would suggest implementing a majority rule similar to parliamentary systems where a candidate must capture a simple majority of the votes to be declared the winner.

    If no one captures a simple majority, then a second round could be held with the top two candidates. This would ensure a clear majority for the winning candidate and prevent multiple candidates from splitting the vote in the initial round.
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  14. Just let the mod run 'The Capital' (atleast they chose a humble name for it). Let those in power cower in their elitist utopia. Us players will make our own place, where the normal people can build and thrive.

    Ps. If you're looking for the best builder on the server (next to Nekkid <3), vote Kermit. Or don't, and lose this dude's potential. I'm sure he'll set up a rivaling city that'll outshine this overhyped nepotism-project called 'The Capital'.

    Pps. Let us common folks make 'The City' instead. Super serious.

    Ppps. Vote Kermit

    Pppps. PoLiTiCs!!! Riotriotriot! Throwtheirteaoverboard!

    Ppppps. Kermit once cut down a acacia tree. Was very honest about it. Vote Frog!

    Pppppps. I saw Flower use flyhax on multiple ocassions. Flower also banned a player once for not shining her shoes properly. She's super mean.

    Ppppppps. What's with this faux-democracy monstrosity anyways? Why are we voting? Honestly. Think about it.
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  15. Let abolish democracy and make flower the EmpErOR!
  16. Yes! Shunning an emperor is so much much more satisfying than shunning a president!
  17. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    Oh yeah forgot to say that Knoot is my Vice President guys
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  18. Knoot the mod?
  19. SkyFlower

    SkyFlower Moderator Moderator

    Yes, knoot the mod is my Vice President.
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  20. So it'll be a mod-party?

    Ahum, people: vote Kermit for true democracy

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