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    Hi all,

    I've played on this server for a year now, and I've noticed that newbies have a lot of questions about how things work on the server. From claims to price values, there are quite a few topics that aren't covered in the standard write ups about the server. I figured I'd try to share some of the knowledge I've gained over the past several months and create a topic that addresses some of the FAQs I've seen.

    Starting Out

    1. No TPA?:
    Safe Survival does not currently have a tpa system. Many new players are confused by this - wondering how they can play with their friends if there's no easy way to get to them. The answer is in the warp room: through voting once you can access the Random Warp button which will allow you and anyone else within a few blocks of you to teleport to random location on the map. Kind of like Star Trek. If your friend is already building a base and you'd like to get to him/her, use the RTP as a shortcut. Keep RTPing until you get within a couple thousand blocks of your friend's coordinate location. Don't forget to set a home so you can always return!

    2. To fly or to ride?: Although many of us are used to using horses to get around, most of SS does not use horses due to the /sethome and warp buttons. Traveling great distances is usually accomplished with elytra and rockets or nether portals. In the early game it can be beneficial to have one horse to work your way up to an elytra, but take caution: if you dismount your horse in someone's claim you will not be able to get back on! Make sure you only dismount in an unclaimed plot or in your own.

    3. So how do I start out?: Exploring Safe Survival is something that even the most experienced player can do - and it's a great way to see all the great work that has been put into this server. The most obvious and more scenic route is walking. With the new map, paths have been added that will take you out of the admin spawn claim and out into the wilderness of player-claimed and unclaimed land. This is a terrific way to see a lot of player builds quickly, but keep in mind that most of the land around spawn is claimed so you may walk a while before finding an empty spot.

    4. Alternatively use the Warp Room: If you're looking to get out a little further - use the random warp as described above or one of the named warp buttons. A named Warp is basically a secondary server hub- each Warp is heavily populated with shops/houses/player builds similar to Spawn. Keep in mind that warp land is also densely populated and usually claimed, so its unlikely as a new player that you will find open land close to the warp building. However, it's always possible to respectfully ask another player if they're open to selling their land!

    5. Is the whole world 1.15?: The last server reset happened before the update to version 1.15, which means half the world was generated in 1.14. This isn't that big of a deal as the only huge change between versions was the addition of bee nests - which can only be found in the newer chunks (a lot of the naturally generated nests have probably already been found however). Nests can still be created by growing trees next to flowers.

    6. Ok I found a plot of land I like - now what?: Before you build - make sure you claim your land. You were given a golden shovel when you first joined the server - use it to right click on a corner of your land and then right click again on the opposite corner. This will create a claim that will protect your land from griefing or other people building on it. You can also trust friends to your claim if you'd like them to build with you. You can expand your claims by earning claimblocks through voting, continuous play, or buying them with Gold Blocks/EXP levels at the shops at Spawn. Please see below for more info on claims:

    Land Claims

    1. Not all claims are equal: Before making your first claim, ask yourself what project you are trying to accomplish. If you're building a town or community - anything that you want other people to see - location matters. A common mistake for a new player is to build tens of thousands of block from a warp in a remote area. While this gives them lots of land to work with, it is often very difficult or inconvenient for other players to reach the area. Which leads to my next point.

    2. Warp Land is valuable!: Land within 500 blocks of a warp is subject to a shorter claim expiration time for good reason. As all warps are accessible by any player from spawn, it is extremely valuable to control a warp claim. While most warps are already completely claimed, it is possible to buy a plot off another player - though most players only have a few hundred blocks of plots. Use the land wisely - while you could build a shop or small build, consider that it might be better to use the land as an advertisement or portal to your actual build.

    3. But not all Warp Land is equal!: Just because a plot is close to warp does not mean it is automatically valuable. Consider that the 1.13 warps (Frozen Ocean and Island) have the advantage of new ocean chunks that are not present in older warps - making them potentially more valuable. Also, it is important to check the biome of warp land before claiming it: Flower Forest has a deceptively large amount of unclaimed land within 500 blocks - but all of it is in the wrong biome and therefore not part of the flower forest.

    4. Claim more than you intend to use: This is very important and a mistake new players often make. Remember that the server has a 100 block rule (excluding warps), which means players cannot claim within 100 blocks of your established claim. This means you should seek to claim as much land as you think you will need as quickly as possible to avoid conflicting claims. Too often there have been issues when players failed to claim enough land, only to have another player claim nearby and block further expansion.

    On Prices/Diamonds

    Start with mining Diamonds: Players just starting out should always begin by mining diamonds. As the only relatively stable currency form, diamonds are used for most trades and shops. While the occasional job or task may be offered by other players in exchange for diamonds, the absolute best guaranteed way to make diamonds quickly is to mine. Ensure you have a Fortune enchanted pickaxe before mining to maximize gains.

    2. Not everything is valuable: Ever wonder why the stack of iron blocks you spent hours mining for is worth pitifully little? When assessing what to put you in your shop or up for trade, consider the demand/usefulness of that item. A great example is saddles, from the above tip we know that very few players use saddles and therefore the demand (and thus the value) will be next to nothing. However, there are many players who frequently use fireworks with their elytra to fly - therefore a stack of fireworks will be more in demand (and thus higher in value) than a saddle.

    3. Market Price is not the selling price: A common misinterpretation of market price is the price at which a certain item is sold on the server. However, a more accurate definition would be the "average" of recent sell prices for a certain item. If the market price for an elytra is given at 30dbs, then recent transactions may have been 28db, 32db, 33db, 27db, etc. Consider that different players place different value on an item - a player desperate to experience flying will likely pay more than the average, while a player looking for a backup elytra will probably want to pay less. Thus, it is advantageous to assess each transaction individually against your need and the opposite player's need. A good buyer/seller will know his or her WTP (willingness to pay) and will walk away if the deal is not satisfactory.

    4. Hold on to your rare items: After a holiday/server event, there may be some rare items that are available for purchase or given away. These could be heads, weapons, or misc items distinguished by their enchanted glow and unique name (often color coded to distinguish from anvil enchants). Such items can be worth a hefty sum as generally they are uncommon and not available after the event.

    5. Because prices change over time: Time is the key factor when making any purchase or sale. As players go inactive, the supply of rare heads diminishes - making it much more lucrative for the remainder to meet a sudden demand for the head. Sometimes patience is key to making a wise investment.

    6. But you always need a buyer before selling an item: Even though an item is speculated to be rare, not every player will want it solely on account of its rarity. Certain items will appeal more strongly or broadly depending on their attributes. Consider a PvP or speed item vs. a Poison Apple - the latter being utterly useless except as a collectible. You could always wait for the right player to come along and pay the right price, but oftentimes you may need to adjust your expectations according to the market demand.


    1. I need “X” block. Where is the best place to buy it? In addition the shops at Spawn, there are countless player run shops throughout the server selling every block from building materials to decorative fish. Listing an exhaustive list would be impossible - but generally speaking the majority of shops are located near a named warp and will be easily identifiable by signage, ads, or the dispenser/hopper rows.

    2. Remember that player runs shops are stocked individually: A shop is only as good as the player who runs it. Don’t be surprised if high demand items like concrete or glass or out of stock. Remember to check before throwing your hard earned diamonds down a hopper if a particular item is out.

    3. Can I start a shop? Absolutely! If you need help with designs, there’s a few examples at the Redstone Shop at Mega Taiga Warp. Don’t get easily discouraged your first few days - there is a lot of competition on this server but if you price your items carefully and stock your dispensers you will get sales with time. Also keep in mind that with shops, you’ll probably need a warp claim - prepare for this investment accordingly.


    1. Hostile mobs don't appear?:
    Spawn rates for mobs is greatly decreased in SS to avoid lots of entities. Therefore most players use the mob farm for obtaining mob drops. There are, however, a few valuable mobs that do not appear in the mob farm. In order of rarity:
    • Guardians: There is a public guardian farm in the nether portal below the fountain at Desert Warp
    • Zombie Villagers: Uncommon zombie variants that don't appear from a spawner. Great for turning an easy villager without an egg.
    • Drowned: True Drowned (not those created by a zombie falling in water). Valuable due to nautilus shells and tridents.
    • Slimes: Slimeballs are valuable for sticky pistons and blocks.
    • Wither Skeletons: Due to a glitch these do not spawn properly in old nether fortresses. However their heads are obtainable from the /voteshop.
    • Ghasts: Tears are needed for end crytals - which can buy a trident at spawn.
    • Withers: Nether stars are needed for beacons. Again, wither heads can be obtained from the /voteshop as well.
    • Illagers/Shulkers: Unless undiscovered, these mobs do not respawn and have probably already been cleared out.


    1. Respect other players' builds: This is covered by server rules, but its worth mentioning because this often becomes a source of conflict between players. Even though you are allowed to build almost anything you want in one of your claims, take into consideration the builds around you when planning your idea. Some considerations may be: will I block someone else's build/view of warp, does my build block off a players' access to their claim, and if I was not the first one to build a given area - am I interrupting another player's plan for a build? Keep in mind that rules like the 100 block restriction are in place to prevent conflict, but especially in places near warps it's polite to be considerate of your neighbors when building.

    2. Refrain from pestering another player about an item/claim: Asking another player if they are willing to sell a claim or item is completely allowed on the server. However, an unwritten rule on the server prohibits intimidation or excessive requests to get a player to sell. This is especially problematic around warp claims, where players' builds are close together and often oddly shaped. The key element to keep in mind is respect: ask a player once if they are willing to sell. If they decline and you are still interested, say that you respect their decision and will keep the offer open if they change their mind. Situations can change from day to day: given some time and a little luck an opportunity may open up where you least expect it if you are patient and polite.

    3. Above all, be kind to others and have fun:
    This server is meant to be a fun building/survival server for players and everyone is always welcome to participate. You should never feel left out or excluded - and if you do please reach out to a few experienced players to let them know. Every experienced player was once a newbie at some point too - so they understand what it's like to be a fresh start. I encourage you to continue this tradition by paying it forward - when you see a player newer than you, help them freely and warmly. You never know what friendships you might form, and kindness goes a long way in making this community feel more like a second home.
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