Swamp Warp Water Park

Discussion in 'Creations' started by Falcon XL, May 14, 2020.

  1. Hello guys, I am building a water park at Swamp Warp because I'm bored. I would love to hear your opinions as to what rides I should add to the water park. Below is a screenshot of the park so far. What should I add to it? I already have a wave pool and a lazy river. :D 2020-05-14_01.30.20-min.png

    Update 5/14/20: Added another ride and some detailing

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  2. W1Z

    W1Z Villager

    Looks awesome! Keep up the good work!
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  3. Thank you! :)
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  4. NateMCraft

    NateMCraft Villager

    What is the shader on that?
    Edit: You should also add some fountains/waterfalls around the lazy river.
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  5. Stakar

    Stakar Veteran

    looks great! can't wait til its finished
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  6. _Hikoo_

    _Hikoo_ Veteran

    Wonderful job. i love it, keep up the good work :)!
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  7. Tnt launcher. Also it looks nice, a neat idea, there hasn't been many theme parks on the server
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  8. That's a good idea. I think a TNT launcher would be interesting... if there was enough gunpowder on the server to make tons of TNT... Would a slime block launcher work well?!

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