Supposedly x-raying, Need proof that I was: reap3r1

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  1. reap3r1

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    Full In-Game Name: reap3r1
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): X-raying
    Person Who Banned You: Moose
    Length of Ban: 14 days
    Appeal: I didn't x-ray. Please provide "proof" that I was. Thanks.
  2. reap3r1

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    yall ghosting me cuz you have no proof. Been like 6 days xD
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  3. Bella

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    Hey there,

    Please keep in mind that the staff team do have lives outside of minecraft and are busy, you will get a reply soon as its only been 3 days.

  4. MusicOwner

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    Hello there,

    It's only bin 4 days, the staff team takes the time to carefully look over the evidence.
    We are not ghosting you!

    As the mod who banned you I will now present you with the "proof" that you so desperately desire.
    Diamond ore is rolled back and marked with blue, the path you took is marked with green.

    Evidence is linked here ->

    1. You staircased up and proceed to mine straight towards diamonds, after a sharp turn you go down a bit into diamonds. You continue towards 2 more diamond ore veins after that.

    2. Here you go down, into diamonds, up yet again into diamonds, take a left, and would you know it, diamonds again!

    3. After the first diamond ore vein you proceed to 3 other diamond ore veins..

    4. You were in this cave, dug into the wall, and found diamond, (this can be a coincidence?) but you then go straight to the right to diamonds, you backup, and find more diamonds again, surely this isn't a coincidence.

    5. Again you were in a cave, you dug straight down into diamonds, you went up and tunnel straight to diamonds again. After your staircase down you went sideways to some other diamond ore vein. This wasn't enough so you backup up, went straight down into yet another diamond ore vein..

    6. You entered an old branch mine (160 days old) you uncovered diamonds the original miner missed, without X-ray you could not have uncovered them, otherwise the original miner would've found them 160 days ago right?

    7. Here you can see what it originally looked like before you dug out the tunnels towards diamonds, they were not visable without hacks.

    8. These diamonds were covered by deepslate, you dug straight towards them. This could've bin a coincidence, but given all these past examples we don't believe it to be a coincidence.

    9. Again you are in an old mine (also 160 days old) These diamonds just like in picture 6 were not visable, yet you mined them out.

    10. Here is another before picture.

    I'm afraid your appeal has bin denied as we believe this evidence is enough to warrrent your ban.

    You're free to rejoin the server after the ban has expired, which will be in about 10 days as of writing this.
    Should you be caught hacking again the ban will be permanent.


    ps. My nickname is not Moose, it's Moosic
    Moose is another player on the server.
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