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    As we know from the info provided during mincon live 2020, the upcoming caves & cliffs update is changing the underground generation of the world. I am not sure how the server will deal with this but I have a suggestion.

    4 new warps in the north, south, west, and east, possible settlements that are close to an updated and expanded world border where new chunks can be generated and the existing underground structures that so many people have worked hard on can stay intact without a reset. we can give these structures different names of renown winners of events or mods and maybe call them for example: xxxxx's northern settlement.

    I understand that the staff could and should be wary of expanded borders since it may increase the lag on the server however providing the players with new warps will bring about city building which can help in bringing the community closer and thus providing an incentive so they wont venture out and load multiple chunks per person.

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  2. I'd like to see a reset for 1.17 due to all the major changes to the terrain generation. The height limit seems to be increasing, and the ground level with it. I'm guessing they will have large obvious chunk borders where the old generation stops and the new one starts, similar to 1.7, and very likely more noticable due to the increased height.
    No idea what you're talking about here with "giving these structures different names..." like are you talking about players pre-existing builds in the current world border?
    Expanded borders do not in themselves cause a great deal of lag, except for the initial generation of the chunks which can be avoided by pregenerating the world. Also city building really doesn't work like you say it does.
  3. I have had this conversation with Shaz and it seems like he will be using the custom dimension feature added in 1.16 to create another world without breaking any rules on MCSL. Still not too sure how this will play out though. I'm also pretty sure there will be a poll for whether or not we want a reset or not. I would also like to see a planned reset for 1.17 in my opinion.
    I doubt Mojang will be increasing the height limit, instead they will just be making the new mountains a lot taller and caves less frequent.
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  4. reset would be cool
  5. NO
  6. That sounds really cool. So is that like the next world will have a custom dimension and we'll decide on when to reset to it? I'm sure it would definitely be announced in advance.
    Yeah that seems to be the case. They released a video showing an increased sea level but apparently that was custom built for their demonstration.
  7. Not too sure atm, I haven't been told too much
  8. Custom dimensions are like going through a portal to a completely separate world. So nothing happens to our current map (in any dimension) so we do not need a reset. You will just head to the 1.17 portal and go through and do MC stuff there.

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