[Suggestion that might get a lot of hate] A World Reset

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheMCShocker, Oct 2, 2019.


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  1. A Safe Survival Reset
    Reasons that Safe Survival should do a reset.

    1. The map will be updated and won't be too outdated.
    2. New look.
    3. Less lag
    4. Fresh.

    Examples of other servers (not naming or advertising) having this same issue.
    1. If you have noticed other survival servers who have had their maps since 1.12.x or 1.11.x or earlier that have updated to 1.14.x without a map reset, usually have had a lot of performance issues. Then once they reset their entire map and went with a fresh new start, the lag 95% vanished. It wasn't as bad as it was before.

    So I am suggesting this for the sake of Safe Survival's SURVIVAL as a server. PLEASE... Reset the map. Once 1.15 comes out as the Nether Update the only map you could reset is the nether (which is possible without bleeping up the overworld).

    P.S. I know people most likely will be upset that their work is gone; but trust me, this is for the benefit of Safe Survival's survival as a server. Lag needs to die. Reseting is the best way.

    P.S.S. And I know nothing else will reduce the lag. The only way to reduce the lag is to reset the entire world. I know this from experience.
  2. The lag that is currently affecting the server is caused by new chunks being generated by players. As the server has to do lots of calculations, this can slow the server to a crawl if many people are loading it at once. As SS has a fairly small map (and it is being pregenerated right now, I think) the lag should have stopped within a few days.
    Resetting the server would do nothing to stop this lag; if anything it would increase it if the world was not pregenerated as there would be more chunks to generate.
    There is no reason for old maps to be more laggy in 1.14, once initial loading is done. If anything, they will be less laggy, as the world file has been made much more efficient in recent versions.
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  3. It should also be noted the server might not survive in the case of a reset... Many players would simply leave and possibly even quit the game after having their work deleted.
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  4. I thought the Nether Update wasn't planned for 1.15. Wouldn't it be 1.16? 1.15 is planned for performance updates, bees & bugs, and (possible) combat changes, from what I've researched.
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  5. Cyan is right, Nether update was planned to be 1.16 so the nether has some time
  6. I would actually be excited for a reset, but I dont want my work to be deleted soooo
  7. the last reset was pretty bad TBH at ton of great players quit and so did I for a while because all of your time and work in a word was wiped AND reseting STILL wont get rid of lag 100%
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  8. This debate is a constantly re-occuring theme on the suggestions board. Bottom line is, a reset won't diminish lag, and would simply further decrease the player base. I know this from experience.
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  9. I would just like to say and clarify that the main reason a lot of players quit last reset was because (1) the reset was unexpected and (2) people's work was ACTUALLY deleted because the files got corrupted. When most servers (including Safe Survival back in 1.8 from what i can remember) will give out the world download and give players the ability to take screenshots before the server resets, however this was unachievable with the last reset because the files weren't able to be recovered.

    Also, when a server resets, it typically sees a huge increase in the amount of players because (1) many new players join and stay due to everyone being on even ground for the first month or so, (2) old players who keep tabs on the server, but might have gotten bored of the server after a while may come back due to new opportunities which come with a reset, and (3) the general creative juices which come with a new and barren minecraft world.

    As for Safe Survival, I do have to say the recent lag fixing has helped a lot (from about 2 tps to 11 tps), but there is still quite a bit of lag (tps being a little less than half of what it should be normally). Resetting the server would definitely diminish lag due to the border being a lot smaller and a lot less entities, chunks, etc. being present.

    I do not think the server should reset do to purely the current state of lag, unless it feels unplayable (like it was before the recent changes). However, I do believe a server should reset when the player-base starts to diminish and dedicated players are loosing interest in it. Personally, I feel the server is getting very close to the point of resetting because the player-base has been diminishing, which is partially due to the lag problems, but I think it is also due to just a general loss of interest.
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  10. It should be noted that the world download is way too big to be given out, so all the builds would be lost. Plus, many people will be having fun with the new 1.14 features for a while and there should be an influx in players once the lag is gone.
  11. Assuming the world size (once compressed) is under about 100GB there are ways it could be shared. Either they could use a peer-to-peer solution, or host it for a few months on AWS or something.
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  13. ok soo some good news and some bad news
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  14. Thread no longer applies, locking thread.
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