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    i would recommend that the server have a public ender man Xp farm as it is getting harder for people to make ender man farms in the end as the end will probably soon be surrounded by shops making it so that you cant make ender man farms in the end unless you build thousands of blocks away from the end but that would also be not possible as were people claim other people cant build . so a public ender man xp farm would be amazing for everyone to gain lots of xp to mend tools, enchant or purchase claim blocks with Xp
  2. There's a public guardian farm located at 4822 -2360. it gives A LOT of xp in just a few minutes. There is also a spider spawner at 10 4278. and another at 269 205 you can also make your own Enderman farm.
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    Thank you for that information Moodswings!
  4. I made a very easy enderman ender in the end by just making a 2 block high shelter then i just look at the endermen around me to aggro. Works really well.