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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Danbraa, Feb 21, 2021.

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    The reason I'm making this post is because of the updated no-islanding rule in spleef, specifically the "no islanding others" part. I don't mean to criticize event staff while making this post. I want to give my opinion on it and see other people's thoughts.

    Before making a suggestion I want to explain some things first. I don't agree with the "no islanding others" part because most of the time others aren't being forced to island. Most of the time the person being "forced" to island runs into the corner themselves. Not many players rush while playing spleef, so the players who do rush have to chase the other player around the arena when it's a 1v1 for example. This means that the players who are being rushed eventually end up in the corner. But this is not us forcing them to island. This is us trying to get them out so the game doesn't last a long time. Btw, I'm not trying to attack players who do this. I'm just trying to make a point because I play spleef a lot, so I've seen this and experienced this.

    Also the spleef arena isn't that big. It's a good size but eventually players will end up in the corner. I'm not saying to make the arena larger only for this rule, but other players running into a corner will probably happen less if the arena was expanded.

    I don't believe this rule is fair because you can't change the way a person plays, meaning that you can't force a person to not run into a corner. My suggestion is to change or remove the "no islanding others" part of the rule because I don't see how this can be enforced properly.
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  2. I don't even know what "no islanding others" means.
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    Islanding others is when you force a player onto a small amount of land that they cannot or will have a very difficult time escaping, which is unfair to the player being islanded.
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    I suggested a button programmed, where the event staff watch from, that teleports the remaining two people in the arena to a random place inside of the arena, also resetting the ground so they don't fall in to holes when they're teleported. I also feel that if we updated the spleef arena to be a circle, there is no corners (as the arena now is a square which has four corners). I think these ideas would help support the islanding rule since that's a rule that isn't going to be changed.
  5. Sounds like a strategy to me.
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