Suggestion About Pet Wither Rules

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  1. Suggestion About Pet Wither Rules
    Hey so recently I have been dealing with the issue of wither sounds when trying to build on my claim near a warp. As you can probably guess hearing constant loud explosion sounds while trying to concentrate on building and other things can be a tad difficult and has resulted in multiple headaches. I have requested the help of staff but sadly there is no way of getting rid of the wither unless the player who owns it removes it so I thought it would be a good idea to suggest some potential rules that could be added about the management of pet withers. Please remember these are just suggestions and don't need to be listened to but I might as well talk about it anyway.

    Location - A good way of potentially resolving this issue is to ban pet withers from warps but instead allow homes out in the wild due to them not being close to other peoples claims thus removing any sound issues. I think this would be a good way of dealing with it but still allows for people to own pet withers as the only person it could annoy would be the person who made the wither. A negative to this would be the fact that it would stop wither name advertisements for shops.

    Distance - A way of dealing with the sound issues could be the positioning of the wither. Withers who exist a underground can still allow for the name to be shown but for the sounds it makes to be reduced so that it is less disruptive to the claims surrounding it. If it is a larger claim the wither could be placed more in the centre in order to stop it from being right next to another claim. I think this would be a good solution as the wither can still be used practically but is less annoying for surrounding claims though it doesn't entirely solve the issue.

    Claim Size - Another good way of dealing with this is to only allow withers on claims of certain sizes meaning there is plenty of space to put the wither without it being close to another claim. This could help resolve the sound issues without having to necessarily remove or change the location of the wither.

    Inactivity - Asking other players to remove a wither isn't optimal as they might have be inactive for a long period of time so you can't talk to them about it. Removing withers based on when the player was last online could be a good way of dealing with it as it stops inactive players withers from annoying other people as the wither is not being used for any purpose. Obviously waiting the normal time to obtain the claim itself is an option but that could take a long time just to remove a wither.

    So these are just some of the potential ways pet withers could be managed on the server so that they are not disruptive for other people. I guess you could always say mute your game but having to turn off and on your sounds can get tedious and I wouldn't expect anyone to have to turn of their game sound to avoid annoying explosion sounds as that shouldn't have to be an issue in the first place. Like I said at the start I know nothing can be done right now about my wither issue but I'm just suggesting these potential rules so that it can be better for other users in the future. Thanks!
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    Oh, I agree so much with this post!

    Staff could turn off the sounds for all withers and then only allow muted withers to be held as pets, similar to all casinos needs to be inspected before allowed.
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  3. I definitely agree with this. When I put my wither at the Swamp warp in, I made sure to put it a little ways down! :)
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  4. Is it required to play with volume? I think there might even be a specific volume tab to make them quieter. I do agree with this but I think there are much simpler measures.
  5. I talked about that in the post and I don't think there is an individual option to turn off wither sounds in the game without making it disable other sounds. My point is if you go back on forth from the claim regularly it can become tedious to turn off and on your game sound constantly and expecting other players to have to put up with constant explosion sounds with no say in the matter is just unfair really so I was just suggesting some ways around this so that it is fair for everyone.
  6. The mods can use commands to stop an entity from making sound, I guess mods should "mute" withers on player request
  7. That would be another good way of dealing with it. The issue is they just don’t have any rules surrounding it at the moment.
  8. Yeah, I'd say just implement a rule that pet withers at warps must be below or above a certain y coordinate, to prevent their sound.
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  9. You know what would be even easier this...

    The Silence Mobs Datapack
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  10. But I want wither noises when I fight withers.
  11. I think the Silence Mobs datapack works by simply having a custom name tag named Silent or whatever it is idk but you can use it or not for example use it if it's just for a pet and don't use it you like its noise
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  12. I think you’ve almost entirely missed the point. People have pet withers (usually) for advertisements. Having it named “Silent” ruins the point.
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  13. I believe with the data pack you can name the wither "Silent" to silence it, then go ahead and change the name while keeping the effect.
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  14. Exactly...if you watched the video you would know XD
  15. Do this:
    /data merge entity @e[type=minecraft:wither, distance=..5, limit=1] {Silent:1b}
  16. Amrou Kithkin

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    This would work for ghast pets as well.
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  17. exactly thanks Amrouness
  18. Still surprised how there isn't any rules against this though. I mean I could think of some ways people could abuse it to frustrate surrounding players.
  19. To be honest, there are much more annoying things that can be done, also most people don't want to frustrate surrounding players.