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  1. Introducing the closest city to spawn, Suburbia. We are now accepting founding members, so message me if you are interested.

    Suburbia is a city with a mission: to provide the Safe Survival community with public works that make things easier for players old and new. Below is some information about the city:

    Public Works:


    -Zulmax's Spawners: To access, take the town square nether portal (and follow the path going east. Features a hexa grinder and skelly grinder open to the public. Built by ZulmaxMedina with help from Kydog, ZioAgrippa, and Quite_good_dude.

    Community Farm:
    Located just off the admin claim at 433 728. The wheat, beetroot, carrot, potato, melon and pumpkin are currently accessible to the public. The sugar cane should be accessible, but is currently not due to a glitch.

    Positions: We currently need a lot of positions filled, pm me if interested

    Manages the city as a whole, responsible for intercity relations,
    -Current Office Holder: Kydog

    Vice President:
    Acts on behalf of the President when they are not available
    -Current Office Holder: Unfilled

    Master Builder:
    The main builder who oversees construction of new projects
    -Current Office Holder(s): Unfilled

    -Requirements to become one:
    Own a base at spawn and join the city
    -Current Office Holder(s): happy_guy, LunxLinx, Kydog, judejl, gabejl

    District Governor:
    Runs their district, responsible for recruiting new members.
    -Current Office Holder(s): Kydog (Government District), other districts unfilled
    Members: Kydog, judejl, gabejl, BigJ333, Eloisethepug, Alli_Gator73, LunxLinx, happy_guy, Amrou_Kithkin, Knootster


    1. You must follow all server rules while in Suburbia
    2. Plots expire after one month of inactivity
    3. Builds can be removed at any time. If removed, the owner will be informed and their items and materials returned. Builds will generally be removed if they are bad, break server rules, or are in the wrong district.

    Visit today at 624 725!
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