Stop liking apple juice please.

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  1. Apple juice is a menace to soceity, and the people who like it scare me I am gratley bothered with the amount of apple juice fans and I want them to stop liking apple juice. Please, stop liking apple juice orange juice (with no pulp) is the best juice on earth and will rein supreme for thousands of years to come and apple juice will be irellevant.
  2. wow sonic you went really far with it this time but
    is true
  3. I refuse to let my eyes see this blasphemy!

    Apple juice is not only delicious, but also scrumptious. I would take a nice glass of apple juice over orange juice (with no pulp) anytime of the day, week, month, and year!!!
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  4. Orange juice is better than apple juice. I haven't had apple juice in years while I have had orange juice all the time.

    Change my mind
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  5. Apple juice is better then any juice.
  6. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    Everyone is wrong, moo moo juice is the bestest so there!
  7. what is that…?
  8. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    The white ambrosia commonly known as...milk!
  9. Okay so the people who disagree with orange juice im going to send 12 kgb agents at your door step.
  10. I don't have a door step
  11. RileyFS

    RileyFS Veteran

    slorps on aple jewce
  12. ah yes

    apple juice

    $1999 for juice

    cup costs extra $999

    straw costs $499

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