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  1. I am not sure how many of you remember Steve3536, he has not played for some time now (since before the reset) but I was informed today that he has past away in real life.

    I thought I should let the community know, weather you liked him or not I think we can all agree that he added color and life to the server and will be missed.

    Please feel free to share any memories you have of Steve and the many shenanigans he got up to.
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  2. This deeply saddens me to hear, Steve was an amazing and fun person to talk with and was a great friend to me and many others on the server.
    I have many memories of spending time with Steve on the server, very few actually documented however.
    Here is sadly one of the only screenshots I have of him, a few of us were attempting to glitch our way into the mod Jacuzzi (it eventually worked) with boats and we ended up phasing one into the ground[​IMG]
    I'll have to look through my files to find any more screenshots of Steve, I'm sorry this is all I could find.

    Steve was always a fun loving, excitable, and comedic person on the server, he will be missed by many.
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  3. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator

    Very sad to hear about Steve's passing. He was really fun to talk to and had some great stories. He was a really interesting guy. Sadly I don't have any screenshots with him, but I do have have a screenshot with a boat we got into the staff jacuzzi along with Faquarl.
    staff pool boat.png
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  4. Rest in peace Steve :( Hope you get to have a nice claim in heaven.
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  5. woah u guys actually got a boat in? we just got on on top and then kinda fell in
  6. Zulma

    Zulma Recruit

    Rest in peace, Steve :( Thank you for the laughs and the good memories <3
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  7. :( This was very sweet to post Boo. Thank you. Ive known him for quite a few years and went to different servers with him. SS was the last one he was on. My sidekick. He was always up to something! LOL. Will miss him dearly! <3
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  8. I didnt know him that well but i still knew who he was, sorry to hear it. Rest in peace
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  9. Wasnt great friends with him, but to hear this just breaks my heart for all of his friends, im sending my love and prayers
  10. PandaGang

    PandaGang Villager

    RIP to Steve, sadly didnt came to know him because i just started to play an week ago :/
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  11. I'm very sorry to hear this. While I didn't know him that well, I have many good memories with Steve before the reset. Always enjoyed messing around at spawn and in PvP with him, he'll be missed very much ❤️
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  12. I don't think that I ever talked to Steve on the server, but I do remember him playing and talking in chat to others. RIP Steve
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  13. I remember seeing his name in chat often. Sorry to hear.
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  14. Gone but not forgotten, may the memories of him live on within his friends and loved ones.
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  15. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator

    Yes, it took lots of work, and a few people, with fishing rods but we got it in.
  16. Steve and I did not interact all too much, but we were friendly towards each other. I was his Secret Santa for the holiday season of 2018, which is probably when I first officially met him. He will definitely be missed and will never be forgotten. Thank you, Steve, for being apart of Safe Survival's community. We'll always keep you in our thoughts.
  17. My condolences.
  18. oBlazin

    oBlazin Veteran

    Steve and I used to spend hours goofing around and roaming.. you will be missed buddy :( <3
  19. Sad To See This.. i remember seeing him before the reset never did much interacting with him tho.. Rest Easy Soldier
  20. I have been talking to Steve's IRL sister and I showed her the link to this thread. To make sure she was ok with it for 1 and 2 so she could see the comments about Steve. She was very happy to see this. Thank you all. :)
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