Steam Sale : what I reccomend.

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Creeper, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Hello all, if you didn’t know steam is currently going a sale and I am making this thread for suggestions on games to get. To post on this, please say the games name and price. Please make sure the game is on sale.

    I personally love valve games. I bought all the half life and portal games and(99cents for all the half life games and portal 1, 2 dollars for portal 2)
    Also I might get l4d2 (1.99 dollars)
  2. Im not sure what you like but i can share a few of my personal favorites

    Dying light 17$ (all dlcs 24$)
    Zombie game/co-op/open world/crafting

    Fallout 4 15$
    Words cannot describe this game
    Arma 3 14$
    Openworld/sandbox/waiting sim/
    Csgo 10$

    Miscreated 10$ <---- low player base
    Openworld/survival/zombie's/pvp/crafting/amazing graphics/

    Crossout free
    Racing with guns basically
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  3. Kerbal Space Program
    $23.99(Regular price $39.99)
    Flight Simulator X
    $12.49(Regular price $24.99)

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