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    Name: sstari (sstari#4474 on Discord)
    Age: 14
    Time Zone: GMT

    Are there any specific ways you'd like to help?
    I'd like to help with the hosting, organisation and building of different events.

    Do you have any ideas for a game/event?

    I recently came up with a minigame called "Sky Spleef". There are 4 islands, all connected with snow, and the goal is to try and spleef your opponents. You have 2 stacks of snow available and you try and build to defend yourself. I am actually trialling this minigame on a test server, to possibly build at the Mushroom Island Warp and it's going good so far.

    Would you be interested in helping with the creation of warps/events?

    I'd love to help with this! I am the founder, and formerly the owner of an event "complex" at the Mushroom Island warp, and I enjoy creating and hosting these player-made events. I am also fairly decent at terraforming, with most of my builds revolving around nature. Currently, I am building a large-scale spleef arena where I will host games monthly. It will become its own unique event.

    Are you interested in helping with redstone or command blocks?
    Although I am terrible with command blocks/redstone, I'd like to help, and I am eager to learn! I currently only know basic commands for command blocks but I am a very quick learner.

    Extra Information:
    Just over 4 months ago, I started an Event Complex at the Mushroom Warp. I managed it alongside multiple other members, who helped build and host new, and original events. We are currently planning to build, Elytra Course, Parkour, Boat Race and Simon Says. Wins for some of these events are logged and I manage most of the events we have built and plan to build. I also discuss with my team of helpers on people who meet our requirements to help with the complex. I take pride in hosting my own events for the community with a great team of players to help me out.


    Spleef Arena


    Sky Spleef

    The current build I'm building on a test server

    Ocean Monument


    Island Build (In collaboration with MrGoos)
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    Updated a few key points.

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