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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by sStari, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Full In-Game Name: sstari (ign changed to sstari4president)
    Ban Reason (As shown on the ban screen): Advertising other servers is not allowed, even over discord.
    Person Who Banned You: ABashfulBear
    Length of Ban: 1 Month
    Hi, I am not appealing this ban I am simply asking for it to be reduced to the standard ban time for long time player advertisement.
    I know that I've been playing for just over two years as of now, but that shouldn't really make me different from anyone else who has been banned because everyone makes mistakes. It shouldn't matter how long I've played or how familiar with the rules I am.

    About the way I "advertised" it - I mentioned the IP in my own discord server of seven people, saying I was going to be building something on there related to the organisation I run (Mushroom Warp Spleef). I thought, "I've mentioned an IP before, mentioning another one shouldn't be much of a problem and I trust these people to not share the IP even further". This was the only place I shared the IP by the way. The staff team seem like I had intended to move players to this other server, although I had said that whatever I was doing on that server didn't need anyone else's input there. Also just because I mentioned a server IP doesn't mean I support the server. It's just another server I happened to be actively playing on at the time.

    Before this incident I haven’t had very many warnings, so I was never really given any chances before this. I'd also like to say I wasn't aware that Safe Survival could dictate what I could do outside of the main discord server and also what I could do in my own discord server. People would make the argument that I am a long time player and I should know the rules, but what goes on in my discord server is no business of the Safe Survival staff.

    I have been told by Schaum that I have had many past bans and warns, and should know the rules, but the truth is, I have only been banned once, and I've only received 4 warns this year, 3 that are actually justified. My past actions should not determine the way I currently act.

    I do see why I have been banned for advertising, but what I don't understand is the length of the ban. To begin with, I've seen long time players who had advertised banned for a significantly shorter amount. This time amount being 14 days. Everyone should be treated equally when it comes to long time players being banned. I admit I did advertise, but I should not be banned longer than any other player who had done the same thing. This was an honest mistake. You can clearly tell it is a mistake of mine because I am quite familiar with the rules. Hopefully I will be able to have my ban shortened by either 1 or 2 weeks. Thanks for reading.
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  2. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator

    Hi, thanks for appealing.

    Firstly let me clarify, the two weeks is simply a starting point for the staff when considering banning someone for advertising, our final decision is influenced by a variety of factors. The length of the ban depends on the case. For example in this ban appeal, the staff team considered a permanent ban more apt.

    In your case we considered how long you have been on the server and your history as a player. In regards to the first point, as you are a longstanding and valued member of our server, the staff team considers that you have a good understanding of the server rules, and that you knew advertising is not allowed. Concerning your player history, it is rather more than you mentioned. A full check of your history (which I appreciate you cannot see) reveals you have been banned once and received 20 warnings, one of which was for advertising and which was given by our former moderator SkyFlower.

    Considering these factors, the staff team concluded that you understood that your actions were not allowed and so we decided to increase the length of the ban. I hope this explains our reasoning, but we will not be altering the ban.

    Thanks for appealing,

    The Staff Team.
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  3. Hi, I'd like to say I have never been severely punished for advertising anything other than one warn by SkyFlower. I'd also like to say the person you mentioned above (Muchorchar) had three chances to redeem himself (Even Schaum said" Multiple times you mass pm'd the players of our discord server. We warned you not to do it again after the first time, and you kept doing it after we told you we would ban you. Then eventually it turned into a discord for your server which is the 2nd way you broke the advertising rule."), as a result of that he was permanently banned. Also as you stated, I am familiar with the rules, so it is an honest mistake. I'ts not like I'd ever do it again. I'd also like to clarify Mucho advertised to a discord server of well over 100 people. I had only sent the IP to seven of my friends on a discord server I owned. I wasn't even given a single chance to stop.

    About the 20 warnings: The vast majority of those were from last map. I have became a lot more sensible in recent times, and have only recieved 4 warns this year. Also, the warning for "advertising" was for mentioning a server. Not the IP.

    Edit: Was told to add this. These are what I said directly to Schaum.
    can i just say the server had 7 people in it?

    also these people offered to join and help. it's not like i forced them to join the server.

    also i was given no chances prior to this to redeem myself, other than a warn from over a year ago which is completely unrelated to this situation.

    "this division will be run entirely by me" this basically meant "you don't have to join, i am completely running it all"
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  4. Shazepe

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    After further discussing the ban, we've decided to reduce it to 2 weeks. You have 9 days and 20 hours left on the ban. Please recognize why you were banned for advertising though. "this division will be run entirely by me" this basically meant "you don't have to join, i am completely running it all" does not excuse the advertising. It was a server of all SS members you invited and you advertised another server IP to them.
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  5. Thank you.
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