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  1. Hello friends!

    As some of you may know, I'm making a museum down at the 1.8 Warp. I've started on it last week, and hope to one day make a nice communal archive of our achievements and stories as a server.

    Now, I am trying to create a 'Wall of SS Heroes' as a sort of testimony to the awesome players we are. I've already asked quite a few of you to name 1 personal item, doesn't matter what it is, to be put up on the wall. I'd like to ask the same question - would you like to name 1 personal item for the wall - to everyone who hasn't done it already!

    Don't worry about the item - it isn't about the item, it's about the naming of it :)

    I'd love to collect every player on the server :) If you'd like to participate, please /msg DjrQ ingame! Thank you in advance :3!

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  2. Here are some examples :)

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  4. My personal favorite ;)

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  5. It's coming along nicely

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  6. Ps. Look at this fly-h4xing rapscallion

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  7. It's growing: around 24 people have donated a personal, signed item now! Thanks! If you'd like to sign and donate something for the Wall of Heroes, there is a contraption in the hallway outside the Hall of Heroes to sign and drop. I'll put it up on the Wall the minute I get online.
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  9. Holy cow!

    I go to sleep at 11 PM, wake up at 9AM, go to the Wall of Heroes...

    3 walls are completely full!!!

    This is amazing; so many players have put a personal item up for display! Thank you all for your contribution; the archive of amazing players is really taking shape! A special thanks to museum curator Quite_Good_Dude, aka Groovey, who is Quite Good indeed.

    2 more walls to fill... After that, the project needs to be relocated to a larger exhibition floor!

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  10. Still gathering personal items! Want to make a mark on the server and your item isn't on the wall yet? No problem! Message me in game or drop off an item at the museum (third floor).
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  11. Am I ok to drop off a named item from someone who has left the server but was nice when they were on and helped me with my shop?
  12. Yeah sure!
  13. Ok I will drop it off later with Numir’s name on it!

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